Positive Customer Service

One of the areas that often spells disaster for companies is in the area of customer service. WE have all the joke that customer service is an oxymoron.  

I don’t believe it has to be that way, nor do I think we want it to be that way.  

So, without denigrating the low tier worker, why do companies put people who are clearly not trained to meet the needs of the people? If I am walking into a business, greet me with your best. (At some point maybe there will be training from our coming non-profit in this field.) 

Okay, but what is customer service? 

To me it is simple. Serving the needs of the customer or client. 

Does that mean the customer is always right? Absolutely, not. But how we handle a situation, determines the outcome and the positivity of the encounter.  

(Recently I witnessed what happens when the professional does not “push” for the right thing. A client asked for something. The business owner agreed to it, despite the fact it was not a “good business practice”. As the job wore on it was clear that the customer’s desire was not going to work. End result? Business owner lost. Customer lost. A new contractor had to come in, tripling the price. Moral? Always serve with proper business practices in, even if it means walking away. Set proper expectations in the beginning.) 

Why do I consider this topic important here on this site? Because often times the negativity of news is related to businesses; their protocol, their practices and how they relate to the public at large. 

My response? Let’s cheer on those who serve well and do their job with excellence. 

I will be looking for stories that talk about good business practices and acts of service carried out by men and women in the business world. I will soon be looking for business writers who will share stories of community business people and the communities they serve. Do you think I will find them? You bet I will! 

I will also be looking for companies who would like to sponsor this section and the articles posted. 

If you are interested in this thinking, please reach out to me.