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Old FORD Station Wagon on the streets of Lake George

First Day of The Big Car Show

Happy Thursday! Big car show in the Adirondacks! #FeelTheThunder #carshows How to Observe This Day In my world you find the car, you admire it,

Dave Ramsey

A Church Car?-Dave Ramsey

Dave talks about the “church car” mom has.   Dear Dave,   My mom took out a Parent PLUS loan in 2009 to help pay

Happy Tuesday

Caring For Others Changes The World

Caring for others. Happy Tuesday! Today is National I Care About You Day. #NationalICareAboutYouDay #ICareAboutYouDay How to Observe National I Care About You Day There

Happy Sunday

Taking Care Of Others Makes Things Better

Happy Sunday! Taking care of others changes communities. Today is Sacrifice Our Wants for Other’s Needs Sunday! #SacrificeOurWantsForOthersNeedsSunday   Your daily thought! “What simple action could