Adopt-A-Senior 2021-Communities Reaching Out To Children

Adopt A High School Student
Adopt A High School Student

“I could do that!” (Communities reaching out to children.)

That is one of the most powerful statements one can voice. (For years, I have told people to look at the powerful things being done in other places and think about how you might do those good things where you live.)  

I love when I post a story from one part of the country, only to see other similar stories, meeting the challenge elsewhere. One of the recent ones was the “tipping challenge” that began in Ohio and just jumped to Florida! 

What about those who stand up and say, “I could do that”. 

Lisa Scoville is one of those people. She saw something that others were doing to bless high school seniors in other communities and made the decision to say, “I could do that”. And she did. She started a Facebook group called, SAU 29 ADOPT-A-SENIOR 2021

The title does say a lot of it. It is providing individuals a method to “adopt a senior” and let them know they are valuable in their community. To allow for them to get recognition and the knowledge that people care.

Many of us have children or grandchildren that are seniors who have lost a lot of senior privileges and activities due to COVID. My own granddaughter who lives in Vermont was told there were none of the “senior privileges” that others had in previous years. Lots of what many consider “extracurricular” were not in play this year. 

Lisa put this note on the group site. 

The Class of 2021 left their Junior Year in the Spring due to COVID. No one envisioned that almost one year later, we would still be in the thick of the pandemic. 

Please consider adopting a senior! Send them a card, letter, gift card, basket, etc. You can either mail it or drop it off at their doorstep. 

When you send a gift, please sign your name and add “adopt a senior” on the card so that they know why they were gifted. 

Here’s how it works: 

-Post a brief summary with a photo/photos of your senior, and highlight something about them. 

-When you post, please list at the top NOT ADOPTED 

-When your Senior is chosen to be adopted, change it to ADOPTED. 

-The person who is adopting, please post ADOPTED in the comments. It is then up to you and the family of the senior to communicate and share information. 

-ADMIN will connect families. Do NOT post public information such as addresses or phone numbers.  


-One post per senior 

-Positive wording, posting, and comments only. 

-RESPECT everyone’s privacy. 

Seniors can be adopted more than once and people can adopt as many seniors as they would like. However, please make every effort to ensure that every senior is adopted at least once. 

Thank you!! 

Admin: Lisa Scoville The group continues to grow as seniors are added by others. (Seniors are not to be in the group themselves.) I watch as members “adopt” these seniors. ( Currently, there are over 300 members.) I love seeing the comments the community is making about these young people.
I have a couple of reasons for writing about this.  

  • I live in the Keene area, which is where SAU 29 is located. So, when good things happen in my community, I get to watch it firsthand. And I love it. 
  • It is my heart’s desire that other communities will read about this and implement it in their own communities. (And Lisa, has offered to help others get started. 
  • And my father’s heart. I would love for someone to do this for my granddaughter’s class where she lives.  

This is the kind of idea that will bridge generations and build communities. Too many times, I have interviewed students who are graduating who feel they “do not fit” or they are not wanted where they live. 

I rarely post something negative, but a few years ago, I watched a heartbroken granddaughter, over the lack of publicity for their winning team. Despite, reaching out to 3 area newspapers there and a radio station. 

We can change the world where we live. Will we do it? 

If you and your community decide to do something, please let us know here and Lisa has kindly offered to “consult” with others.

Lisa Scoville

Lisa Scoville-Owner/Photographer at Lisa Scoville Photography, Customer Experience Manager at Fazzi Associates, Inc., and Business Development at WOW! Promotions Group

She has photographed a number of high school students this past year.

She is now taking pre-orders for the much-anticipated documentary book”Unsung Heroes: Faces of Bravery” 
Visit: for more information and to reserve your print copies!! 
The estimated ship date is April 2021 and proceeds from each book sold will be donated back to our community to help relieve some of our local area businesses that required extra help during the shutdown to stay afloat. 
A huge THANK YOU to everyone for your support for our Unsung Heroes during this unprecedented time in history!!