Alpacas in Kansas By Sharon Black

Montana and Diego a month old
Montana and Diego a month old

Vickie Vandament

Vickie Vandament

Montana and Diego a month old

Montana and Diego a month old

Two new babies have arrived at the alpaca farm. Montana and Diego and they are cute. 

Vickie Vandament is open for people to come and visit all the alpacas in the barn and then shop for clothing woven out of alpaca fur.  Alpaca fur looks like wool but it is less itchy than wool. 

Vickie is a speech therapist. 

About 20 years ago is when she and husband Mitch began buying alpacas and built the barn north of Osborne, Kansas. They have the fur processed for making into clothes  in Phillipsburg, Kansas, at the Shepherds Mill. She is also a Harvest Host where people can park their campers while traveling. 

On a sad note, Mitch Vandament passed away a couple years ago, but the alpaca store is doing great.


Sharon Black has been writing for many years including newspapers, short stories, and as a publisher. She was born in Nebraska and has lived in Kansas most of her life. In her hometown of Smith Center, Kansas,  Willa Cather’s hometown is to the north and Bob Dole’s hometown is to the south. Sharon is a press release writer for the National Parks Arts Foundation and writes for b U n e k e  magazine. The biggest project she has accomplished is the co-writer of the TV movie Home on the Range. The movie is about the song, which is the state song of Kansas and the lawsuit surrounding it in the 1930s and finding the rightful author of the song. Sharon is distantly related to the Mississippi writer Eudora Welty.

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