Coffee on the Couch with Andy Needham

Coffee on the Couch
Coffee on the Couch

Coffee On The Couch With Andy Needham

Chris Lafreniere is a young man from Maine who loves journalism. He has been pursuing various aspects of journalism, recently adding the interviews of business owners.

Meet Chris LaFreniere, the passionate writer and curator of ‘Coffee on the Couch.’ What started as a simple blog in 2016 has evolved into an exploration of the captivating crossroads where Christianity and politics intersect. With a deep belief that understanding this nexus holds the key to our complex society, Chris invites you to break free from conventional perspectives and join him on this intellectual journey. Whether you’re a fellow believer eager to bridge the gap between faith and politics or a curious soul seeking engaging discussions, there’s a seat waiting just for you. Subscribe now and savor the blend of faith, politics, and countless enriching conversations at Coffee on the Couch. Cheers to faith, politics, and the many dialogues ahead!

Warmly, Chris LaFreniere, Freelance Writer and Curator of Coffee on the Couch.

He recently interviewed Andy Needham of the Andy Needham Band.

Andy Needham Podcast guest on “Coffee on the Couch:
Andy Needham in His Ministry role

Andy Needham in His Ministry role

Andy Needham:

Andy Needham celebrated as the former frontman of “The Andy Needham Band,” brings a unique blend of musical talent and industry experience to the podcast. The decision to feature him stems not only from a personal level of fandom but also from a desire to delve into the insights of someone who has achieved a commendable level of success in the music world. As a guest, Andy proved to be a captivating presence, effortlessly sharing his journey and experiences. Beyond his musical achievements, Andy exudes a genuine and personable demeanor, making the conversation informative and enjoyable. His contributions to the podcast add a layer of inspiration and entertainment, making him a standout guest who resonates with both fans and those interested in the dynamics of the music industry. It’s noteworthy that Andy has since transitioned back into ministry, expressing a deep fulfillment behind the pulpit that surpasses even his time in the music industry. This unique aspect of his journey adds depth to the podcast discussion, showcasing the multifaceted nature of his experiences and passions.

That full-time my vocation was traveling around with three other amazing guys leading worship; we did all kinds of camps, conferences, we did some events that were, I don’t know, cool to be able to be a part of.
And then, at the same time, we did a lot of little events. I always joke that we would one night be opening for a big band and the next day be playing at a gazebo for my mom and her friends.
Andy Needham Band

Andy Needham Band

So it was. It was the full spectrum.
And, you know, the, the, I don’t know if it’s a moment, I think it may be a series of moments, but for me, and this is the thing that I carry forward, is like, I felt like I got this.
Uncommon, unique privilege of being able to see all these different churches, all these different expressions of the kingdom of God from rural Vermont to suburban Boston, I mean even beyond New England, but especially in the Northeast.
I don’t know if anybody else has had the privilege that I’ve had to be able to go visit so many churches and meet so many leaders and pastors who serve in obscurity.
Many of them will never; they’re not going to be on Christianity Today or maybe never on a podcast.”

“And when you solve that problem, you create this gift of synergy between a melody and a lyric and an idea and an emotion and a group of people all coming together.

And obviously, in corporate worship, we’re doing that in a way that allows the people of God to come around these ideas and music.
It’s appropriate that we’re recording this on Reformation Day, but Martin Luther said that next to the word of God, music has the highest praise.”



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Coffee on the Couch

Coffee on the Couch

Join us on ‘Coffee on the Couch’ for lively conversations with everyday heroes, entrepreneurs, and inspiring individuals. Get ready to be uplifted, empowered, and inspired as we chat about life’s challenges and triumphs over a virtual cup of coffee.

Chris is a freelance writer living in Maine. He is a Christian who likes to see the value of faith and in life.

Check him out.

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Chris LaFreniere

Chris LaFreniere

 From an early age, Chris LaFreniere became interested in the written word, as well as finding his voice. He was quite regularly told by teachers, both in a positive way as well as a negative way, that his style of writing was akin to the way he thought. In one encounter with a teacher, she advised him that he should go into journalism because she believed he would do well.

Chris has been writing for close to a decade now, starting off as simply a way to get his views and opinions out via a blog, which over time has morphed into a more polished style as well as a new arena. One of which some individuals have referred to as “citizen journalism.” Writing is a passion for Chris and a place where he truly believes he’s found his voice. He also presently works as a copywriter.