Happy Haunted Refrigerator Night! WHAT!!!

Carved pumpkin
Carved pumpkin for Halloween!

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Happy Saturday!

Today Is Haunted Refrigerator Night! 


Coming the day before Halloween, Haunted Refrigerator Night celebrates the horrors lurking in the back of refrigerators. Often we place leftover food in a container to eat later, and it ends up getting pushed to the back of the fridge, where it transforms itself into a scary sludge, and waits to frighten us when we eventually find it again, months or years later. On this day, family and friends join together, open the fridge door, and brace themselves for the worst as they search the bottom shelf for leftover food haunting the refrigerator. The day was created by perennial holiday creators, Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs.

How to Observe Haunted Refrigerator Night

As night falls, gather your loved ones together and open the refrigerator door. Look to the bottom shelf and move away the containers in the front. Beware, there is a good chance that whatever is in the containers in the back is haunted, and is making the whole refrigerator haunted! This is probably a good time to dispose of the haunted foods, or you could use them to scare someone on Halloween! This is an opportune time to not only dispose of old haunted foods, but to clean and wipe down your whole refrigerator, just to make sure all the haunted spirits are gone. 

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