Moving Past The Tough Times To Make Things Better

Change the narrative
Change the narrative

Last night as I watched the snow come down, for some reason I was reminded of our home that had been destroyed many years ago. We lived on top of a mountain; our home had large windows that looked out over the mountains. On a winter’s night, I could lay on my bed and watch the snow for hours.  Beautiful!  (Moving Past The Tough Times)

After the initial shock of the destructionwe spent the next 7 years looking for next stepsI don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the past. (So, I was a little surprised I started to think on it last night.) I can’t change it or repair it. So, while I know what might have happened and can feel sad about something, I do not dwell on those things. I would be lying to you to say I don’t miss our home and all that we planned for and hoped for. But it didn’t work out for us.  

Positive News For You and all that it stands for is not about “glossing” over things. It is about looking at situations and saying, “what can I/you do better”. It is the sharing stories about people, teams and organizations that are making a difference in the world, often right in their backyards and hometown communities. About sharing the good things that are being done by these folks.  

It is about moving past the tough times to make things better. 

As the owner here, I know that all news is not happy or pleasant. I understand that bad things can and do happen. I also know having been in the media world for over 25 years, that “good news” isn’t a highly saleable commodity. (Hence our sponsorship program AND advertisers.) And that “fear” is a profitable commodity. But that is not the road I have chosen. (I have worked radio, TV, print and started my first internet company in 1995. I get the world of news.) 

My heart is to help people find out that the world is not “going to hell in a handbasket”. To show the lives of the really great people that are taking on the situations of life and providing workable solutions and answers instead of hiding from the problem or pretending they do not exist. 

To that end I know we are accomplishing that BUT I want to do more. I want to talk about people who give care, that provide meals, clothing and support for those who have not, of children who are using their businesses to make the world better and to show case organizations that make neighborhoods and communities better. 

Not everything in life works out the way we think it will. (A few years ago, I wrote a book called The Interrupted Process. ?) But, that is not a reason to give up or pull the plug on things. (As one of my best friends always said, “Never stop getting up to bat”.) There is today and all we can do in it. 

My wife and I moved on after the loss of our home. We changed towns, states and communities. Because there is always another day. 

If you have thinking that we can collaborate with to make communities better, please reach out to me. We love collaboration. We love seeing what people are doing to help one another and to make things better.