Pie and Praise in Kansas By Sharon Black

The Woitaszewski Family
The Woitaszewski Family, Tommy, Sharon, Hubie

The last ecumenical program of the year happened October 30 at 2 PM at the Christian Church in Smith Center, Kansas. The Christian church hosted the event and the Methodist women were in charge of the program. Invited to perform were  “The Woitaszewski Family” native to Smith Center, Kansas. Hubie and wife Sharon, and son Tommy, played guitars and sang gospel songs for 15 minutes and then the congregation took to the offering plates and then they played their own selections of music to the audience who laughed and giggled and clapped and sang along.
Both Hubie and Sharon come from musical families and Hubie had his own band for a while. Tommy has been playing in a band most of his life and has went on to write songs and record and at one point he wrote a country song that was a music video with a Nashville artist. Now that Covid is not as prevalent, Tommy now plays a one-man show at bars or events.
Hubie said that they weren’t making up the jokes or the jabbing at each other, he said that’s just the way we are. Sharon said that she fed her cat and then put the rest of the can of cat food in a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator, so the next day she goes to the refrigerator to feed the cat and the jar is not there. Hubie asked what was wrong and Sharon said well I can’t find that jar of cat food so Hubie says well I ate it. So they went on to the next song and they meowed at each other and the audience laughed and laughed.
Daughter Holly was coaxed to sing a solo. Sharon talked about the son that died as he had many heart surgeries. Once  she was at KU med center when Sharon was there with him and she went into the bathroom and forgot her purse and went back for it and her cash was gone.  She knew who had taken it. She called her brother-in-law in Smith County and told him the story and he wired her money so she could stay there for another week. That brother-in-law and sister passed away in the last couple years.
Pie & Praise won’t happen for another year and we will see who is the program then, since the people who are assigned to find programs rotate, but I think ”The Woitaszewski Family “ will be number one on the list.

Sharon Black has been writing for many years including newspapers, short stories, and as a publisher. She was born in Nebraska and has lived in Kansas most of her life. In her hometown of Smith Center, Kansas,  Willa Cather’s hometown is to the north and Bob Dole’s hometown is to the south. Sharon is a press release writer for the National Parks Arts Foundation and writes for b U n e k e  magazine. The biggest project she has accomplished is the co-writer of the TV movie Home on the Range. The movie is about the song, which is the state song of Kansas and the lawsuit surrounding it in the 1930s and finding the rightful author of the song. Sharon is distantly related to the Mississippi writer Eudora Welty.

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