Positive News And PN4UINC Readying For A Wonderful 2021

A bright future
Make the future bright

Over the last 3 of Positive News For You, lots of things have changed.  (Are we ready for A Wonderful 2021?)

As a company, we major on what we believe to be stories that change lives and communities. We have sought people who promote positivity, who believe in their communities and put their hands “to the plow” to see things get done.  

I think we have done pretty well. But I also know we can be better and do better. And that is my goal for 2021. 

Last year, a lot of our plans like so many, “fell” to the wayside in light of COVID. Our nonprofit, PN4UINC had to cancel our fundraisers. Our company, Positive News For You, lost several clients, because of their closings and declining incomes. At that point, I made the decision to carry advertisers for no charge. Our nonprofit moved to help caregivers with our “adopt a caregiver” program, sending money to restaurants to gift to caregivers and their organizations. 

2020 is behind us. 2021 before us. 

Just today, I added a “coffee page”. 

Positive News For You will be: 

  • Seeking both Advertisers and Sponsors to help be able to do things which include changing over our website. 
  • Locating partners for programs. 
  • Developing creators (Writers, photographers, podcasters, and videographers.) 
  • Develop categories and help find partner creators for those areas. (Food, coffee, sports, beer, the 60s, etc.) 
  • Create and market “better” our merchandise line. 
  • Create sales. 

For our nonprofit, PN4UINC, we continue to address the following areas. 

  • Positivity education-partner with teachers, instructors, etc.
  • Promote positivity and support positive events when and where we can. (We have already agreed to 2. When they announce them, we will share them with you.) 
  • Develop programs to bring positive changes in families and communities. 

Earlier this year, I began to send thinking and thought process to our board with PN4UINC and our friends and supporters of Positive News For You. Here are some of our beginning thoughts for 2021. (If you see one you might be interested in working with or developing, please take the time to reach out to me. Thank you! ? ) 

  • $10 “pay it forward”. This program has already begun. You can enter our contest to be one of our weekly recipients. (You can donate to expand this project here.) 
  • A “spicy food challenge is coming. Will help fooderies. Develop support. And be very funny. 
  • We are looking at a “Be a Blessing” program 
  • We will be promoting a program for business children! 

Think you have an interest in one of these? Or perhaps you have something we could collaborate on? 

Just today, I was able to participate in a meeting with a program that will change our community for the better. It is ideas like that program, that we look for. People connecting. People moving their communities ahead. 

What is going on where you live??? ?