Proud Of My Town-Keene Organizations Launch Home Grown Stimulus

Proud of my town
Proud of my town

I grew up in a generation, where pride in one’s community was important. If there was a problem, seek a solution. Participate.  (Proud of my town.)

All too often these days we have become subject to the “yelp” mentality of broadcasting what is wrong.  (Sometimes not even reading what is being reposted.) 


When I was invited by my friend, Luca, to a meeting to set some things in motion to help local restaurants with a “homegrown stimulus” package I was excited.  

COVID has affected everyone. But not everyone has let it run the show. 

This press release was titled… 

Restaurants to Receive Homegrown Stimulus Program this Winter

 Eat, Drink and Build Community 

The Local Crowd Monadnock, Culinary Journeys, and Food Connects will partner to launch The Monadnock Restaurant Project, a homegrown stimulus effort. 

This project will invest $10,000 and purchase gift cards from participating locally-owned restaurants. Organizers plan to strategically disperse these gift cards to community members who will spend these cards quickly, providing an immediate shot in the arm to Keene’s local economy this winter. 

“It could be a really rough few months for our fellow restaurateurs and if we don’t do something soon, we could lose some of the businesses on the edge,” said Luca Paris, owner of Luca’s Mediterranean Café. “We can’t wait for someone else to help us. Eat, drink and build community! Let’s do this as a community—quickly and safely.”

Organizers anticipate that community members will spend twice the amount of their gift cards when redeemed, doubling the impact of this project by infusing $20,000 to these cash-strapped businesses. 

According to the Monadnock Indie Impact Study, locally-owned retailers return 62.4% of their revenue to the local economy, while national chain retailers return just 13.6% of revenue—meaning that locally owned businesses return over 4x more money to the local economy compared to chain retailers. This is an immediate stimulus that can be replicated in other parts of the region. 

The 28 participating eateries are: 21 Bar & Grill, Amicci’s, Branch and Blade Brewing, Brewbakers Cafe, Brickhouse Pizza and Wings, CC&D’s Kitchen Market, Cherry Garden, Curry Indian Restaurant, Eat More Cake, Elm City Brewing Co., Fritz, Jim Eddie’s, Kristin’s Bistro & Bakery, Little Zoe’s Pizza, Machina Kitchen & ArtBar, Mi Jalisco, Monadnock Food Co-op, Taqueria Odelay, Pho Keene Great, Prime Roast, Salt & Lime, Street Savory, Thai Garden, The Farm Cafe, The Flight Deck, The Works Café, Tokyo Express and Yahso Jamaican Grille

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I am proud of what the town of Keene is doing to make a difference. There have been so many positive things done here by so many. Businesses, organizations and individuals.  

To each and everyone involved in this project…  

Thank you. 

Everyone lives somewhere. ? What is going on where you live? What is happening in your town? Folks want to hear about it.