Send A Card And Make A Generation Smile

Send a card
Send a card

COVID has taken a toll on a lot of people. Putting aside the related deaths, it has created a mental health crisis of sorts. Young, old, and all in between.  But what if we could make a generation smile?

The purpose of this is not to discuss the reasons, but to simply say it exists. A lot of it may be predicated in fear, but I see that much of it is related to loneliness and isolation. It has effects on children who are not able to attend school, working individuals who no longer have daily connections with fellow employees, and the elderly who are often not seeing anyone because of health-related concerns. 

One of the saddest things about this pandemic “era” is people losing connections. And for the elderly, that issue is one of the most difficult. Considered elevated risk, they have been subject to much of the COVID “safety” thinking. 

I am 65-years-old, married, with children and grandchildren. I am a businessman and minister. Daily I am in contact with family, friends, and more, many of who have struggled to varying degrees over the last year. I have seen the fallout of the past year. 

As a child, I remember how difficult it was for me at 4-years-old to not be able to see my grandmother, and then have her die.  One summer I worked in a nursing home as a minister, and I watched the loneliness that these folks encountered each day, even in a pre-COVID time.  

Loneliness. Disconnection. Isolation. 

COVID happens and folks are not allowed to visit nursing homes and hospitals. The isolation increases. 

Over the last year, I have published regular stories of people who are doing great things. One of the best I have seen is card programs that are directed towards the elderly and those confined to nursing homes.  My first story during COVID appeared here on March 19th, 2020. 

This past week, I was reading yet another story about “card giving”. (It will appear in tomorrow’s issue.) As I read it, I thought that this is an “I COULD DO THAT” story. A story that does not take a lot of time and will bring a lot of smiles. (And other than the purchase of cards, no one has to leave their home.) 


I think this is something that can connect the generations. Tha can be purposeful acts of kindness that will bring smiles and comfort to many. (I know nursing homes are slowly moving towards “opening the doors” but this is a great thing to do anytime.) 

Maybe you have children in school or grandchildren you would like to do this with.  Find a nursing home. Contact them. Often RESIDENT and their address is all that is needed.

I want to hear what the results are from you taking on this challenge. 


Post your pictures with #ICouldDoThat

Let’s bless those in nursing homes and hospitals. 

An excerpt from a recent article. 

“I could do that!” 

That is one of the most powerful statements one can voice. (For years, I have told people to look at the powerful things being done in other places and think about how you might do those good things where you live.)   

 I love when I post a story from one part of the country, only to see other similar stories, meeting the challenge elsewhere. One of the recent ones was the “tipping challenge” that began in Ohio and just jumped to Florida! 

What about those who stand up and say, “I could do that”.