The Last Few Days of Vacation

Family picture in camping area
Family picture in camping area
Headed home

Headed Home

My Saturday morning began with a walk by myself. I wandered about, admiring the fog over everything, including beautiful spider webs. There is something about being outdoors, in nature that restores one’s soul. As I walked, praying for friends and family, I felt all was well. 

Funny how you walk a couple of miles and only encounter a few folks walking their dogs. I think campers are more the night kind of people. 

I returned to the cabin, taking a shower and getting ready to head downtown. It ended up that Jacob and Mariah wanted to join me, so we headed out at 9. (And they are the ones most interested in cars a lot of the time. )

We all wanted coffee, so we went to a great coffee shop in town called Caffe Vero, and even though it was busy, the barista was pleasant; they had a great selection, and yes, I would go back EVERY TIME! (And did!) And the coffee was fantastic, which made it all worthwhile.  

We took our coffees and found a bench to sit on and watch the CARS go by! After a little bit, I said I can’t do any more sun, and we walked over to the other side of the street. Shade, lake breeze, and… CARS! And the kids got to take more pics, including a Lamborghini Aventador. 

Just sitting, watching people, watching cars, and seeing the enjoyment of Mariah and Jacob was a day maker. And it was a busy downtown, so we people-watched a bit. (The line was 50 deep at town bathrooms!) Energy everywhere.  

We then headed back to the campground for lunch. We decided to go down and see the cars we missed in the upper lots the first day. We parked at the state park ($10 parking for the day.) and walked up to the center. We saw a lot of cars and a lot of people. It was amazing. Bitchin’ Ride’s Kevin Schiele was there and made the show even better. We even went up to the fence and watched the lines of great cars go by. (Okay, there were a few smoke shows that made it more fun.) 

But we had decided to kick back for the rest of the day, so we headed home. (I even took a couple of naps!)  

This was going to be a family night and it was going to be a campfire night. Preparations were made with salads, hot dogs, and s’mores. And the fire was lit. With the smell of smoke in the air, it was not long before the fire was ready to go, and dogs were put on skewers. After all the food was gone, my daughter had placed some fire coloring on the flames, and blues, reds, and greens appeared.  

It was a great time hanging out with everyone. But…  

I was done by 10! 

Sunday morning was 9/11. For me, it was a time of reflection. I took a long walk and came back just in time for breakfast. This Sunday was also the first time in 5 years that I would not be sitting in our church fellowship. For 9/11, the campground had asked for a time of silence from 9:59-10:28 AM.  

I had asked for some family time out along the lake, and we headed out. We even found a downtown parking space! Coffee in hand from Caffe Vero, a barista who remembered us, and lots of shops for the family to go to. Before the shops, we went over to the park and sat there with our coffees. Some of the kids went up to the street to admire cars, others found people walking pets, everyone taking pictures, and I just sat there!  

Walking out to the street, some of the family went into various shops. And bags began to join us on our way.  

We decided to walk around the lake for a bit. Boaters, parasailers, and water skiers were all about. The kids were checking out the fish and the ducks. The weather was great for being on the water. We sat down on the water’s edge, and I just sat there watching it all.  

After a while, it was back home for lunch and a day of doing little. That night we had a campfire. More hot dogs and of course, s’mores. A long, quiet evening. 

Cleaning up the cabin

Cleaning up the cabin

Monday, our last day on vacation, came soon. The packing of clothes, food, and the loading of the vehicles took place. Alyssa, Jordan, and Mariah were in their car, and Jacob, Tina, and I were in ours. We stopped for a coffee. (You guessed it!) Saw Alyssa. Grabbed gas. Saw Alyssa. Stopped for a bathroom in Vermont. Saw Alyssa. And all the way down 103. Saw Alyssa. 

We got home, unloaded the car, and I guess that is it for this year.  

When I was young, my parents started us in a cabin, then a family lodge, that had a porch over the water’s edge. I could tell you stories of fishing, swimming, boating, and more. All in the Adirondacks. I learned to waterski on Schroon Lake. I have canoed and hiked all over the Adirondacks.  

One day my mom decided to move from cabins and lodges, to tent camping. On islands on Indian Lake. In our first year, we got caught in the tail end of a hurricane. High waves, winds, and a young family with no experience. 8 days of wild weather. It was scary, and fun, and we were making plans for the next year on our way home. 

Camping will change your life, whatever style you choose. Tents, RVs, or cabins. 

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