Today is Business of Popping Corn Day

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Happy Thursday!

Today is Business of Popping Corn Day!


In the nineteenth century, most people made popcorn by holding long-handled wire boxes filled with kernels over fires. This was effective for home consumption, but something else was needed to make popcorn commercially. The problem was solved by Charles Cretors, who built the first commercial popcorn machine. He founded C. Cretors & Company on today’s date in 1885, and his machines soon made it practical for people to get into the business of popping corn.

How to Observe Business of Popping Corn Day
Here are a few popcorn-related ideas to get you celebrating the day:

~Eat some popcorn made in a commercial machine. Making it in the microwave or with an air popper will not do—you should eat it from a machine similar to Cretors, if not from a Cretors machine itself.
~ Buy yourself a popcorn machine. If you have a little extra money to spend you could buy a Cretors popper, and if you really want to spend big, you could make sure it is vintage.
~ Visit the Wyandot Popcorn Museum, which has some of the early Cretors machines, or visit the J.H. Fentress Antique Popcorn Museum.
~ View some Cretors popcorn machines from over the years online, or read more about the company. Whenever looking at Cretors machines, make sure to try to spot the Toasty Roasty Man.
~ Visit the building that once housed the Cretors factory.


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