Uncovering the Musical Journey of Connecticut Artist, Mark DiPino

Mark DiPino
Mark DiPino's style incorporates rock and Americana.

Original musician and singer Mark DiPino

Mark DiPino is an original musician from Connecticut with a unique style that combines rock, alternative rock, and Americana. His music has been a hit around the state, as he has performed at a variety of venues and even released a music video. Additionally, Mark adds his own twist to his sets by performing covers and is currently the lead singer in a Def Leppard tribute band called Hysteria. In this exclusive interview, we will be discussing Marks musical journey.

Original music artist, Mark DiPino

What inspired you to write your first song?

I wrote a song called TV Land in the 90s about how television was changing our culture and the way we receive information. It was around the time of the Gulf War when 24 hour TV news networks were flourishing.

How did you develop your own style of songwriting?

I’ve always tried to be true to myself, let things flow naturally and not try to copy anyone else. Usually it’s a melody, thought, lyrical idea and/or guitar chord progression that sparks the creative process.

What do you believe sets your music apart from other singer-songwriters?

I don’t think my music sounds like many other artists. Whenever I ask people what artists it reminds them of they can’t seem to think of any. I also think my voice is higher than a lot of male singers.

How do you choose the songs you cover?

I like to pick songs that resonate with me, have relatable and fun lyrics and are within my vocal range.

Mark DiPino’s album The Lockdown Tracks

Which do you prefer- playing live or recording?

I enjoy both but the energy you get from a crowd while playing live is a lot of fun.

What are your goals for the next couple years?

I want to keep writing, recording and playing live, have fun doing it and hopefully inspire and entertain others along the way.

Are there any challenges you face when performing to an audience?

I’ve always been a shy person so getting up on a stage and performing can make me nervous sometimes but as my confidence grows I’m able to overcome it. Playing 2-3+ hour shows can be tough on my voice but it’s become more manageable when using proper breathing and vocal techniques.

What tips would you give to aspiring singer-songwriters?

Be authentic and don’t try to copy other artists. Don’t be afraid to challenge people with your ideas and points of view.

Mark DiPino’s style incorporates rock and Americana.

How do you create a unique atmosphere when playing your music out to an audience for both your tribute band and your original music?

I mix hit cover songs in with my originals so there’s a little something for everyone attending. The Def Leppard tribute band I’m in has a great stage show with lights, smoke, lasers etc so it’s also fun to see as well as hear.

Have there been any memorable moments during your live performances that you would like to share?

During many of my shows I see people dancing and singing along to my original songs which is a very rewarding feeling for me. It inspires me to keep creating and performing original music.

Tell us about your newest song and music video, “Don’t Go.”

This is a song I’m really proud of because it’s a more Country/Americana sound than my other songs, which is the direction I’m interested in going moving forward rather than the guitar centric rock I’ve done over the years. The song is about the challenges of a relationship and commitment. The video was shot at Gouveia Winery in Wallingford, CT and Hubbard Park in Meriden, CT by Luke Brosious at Aperture Priority Visuals.

How would you describe the CT music scene, being that you perform in both a tribute band and you are an original artist?

I think we have a lot of talented musicians in CT but the ‘scene’ seems to be divided between cover artists and original artists and there’s not much support and coexistence between the two. I think original music is challenging to do everywhere including CT because people generally want to hear songs they know and correlate memories and life experiences with. I enjoy playing both original and cover songs because it allows me to explore different sides of myself artistically.

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