A Positive Mindset Makes a Difference by Jacob Wade

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A positive mindset makes a difference.

Part of Jacob’s school year includes applying his learning to writing. He chose the topic.

A positive mindset is important in life because it can change your life and how your life is going. A positive mindset is when your mind is in good places and you have a positive outlook on life and only think good thoughts.

How it can change your life is it can increase how often you’re happy and lessen the times that may have seemed sad but it was positive that you couldn’t see because you had a sad or maybe mad mindset. 

With a positive mindset, you will most likely lessen your aggression or sad viewpoint that may happen. How it can make your life better is it can better relationships with people that may be affected by your negative mindset. 

Jacob at Paneras

Jacob at Paneras

Negative mindsets can affect relationships with people because of things like overthinking, being mad at them, and being sad because you think they’re either mad or sad because of you even though they weren’t, and it may even help them and their life.

Negative mindsets can affect your life because it changes how you think and negatively impact your life by making you really sad or angry. When you don’t have a positive mindset it’s unhealthy and can stress you which can affect your mindset even more and cause worse anger or sadness. Positive mindsets can be healthier because they can cause you to be less mad, or sad which causes less stress in your life. 

I’m not saying that a positive mindset will make you 100% better but it will be a step towards the better things in life. Positive mindsets will not immediately make you feel better but the more you have one the more it will relieve some stress. 

And positive mindsets can also be made with some things you do to lessen stress like yoga, meditation, journal writing, exercise, or lots of other things.

Positive mindsets can come with some upsides like if you are having a bad day and you go do yoga, exercise, or journal it can make your bad mood positive and happy. Having a positive mindset isn’t just for certain people, everybody can do it and brighten your day and maybe help you sleep better with less stress than before. Personally, some things that get me into a positive mindset would be going for walks, listening to upbeat music, or working on something small, and completing it.

A positive mindset is a good way to live life because then you could show people what it’s like and maybe convince them to try and start living with a positive mindset or start trying to. 

A positive mindset can also help when you have work because if work stresses you out you can try meditating on your break and re-get that positive mindset. Living with a positive mindset will make it easier and easier over time to relieve some of the stress either from people, work, school, or whatever causes you stress. 

So overall A positive mindset can be a healthy mindset because it can have ups for you overall by taking some stress off your shoulders whether it’s after a long day of work, school, or whatever causes you to stress throughout the day or week, or month. So this is why you should try and keep a positive mindset and try and get people you know to try and get and keep a positive mindset.


Jacob is an online school student with VTVLC.


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