About Us

POSITIVE NEWS FOR YOU is focused on bringing readers articles that promote positivity in our communities and nation. News about medical, technology, education and the progress in all these fields and more.

In a world where negativity seems to rule, we want to change things.

About Lee

Probably that ought to say “about me” rather than “about us”.

I am a 63-year-old man who has been in the media business on one level or another for over 20 years. I have been in TV, radio, print and the internet over the years. I am concerned about the division that is taking over the media and what it does to people. I fully understand that the world is topsy-turvy. BUT, I am not going to sit and accept the craziness.

Positive News For You is my answer.

It is my response to the negativity that would come from the internet, radio, television, and print. Right now there is not a lot, to begin with, but it is my dream that others will begin to participate. That at first there will a story here and story there, but soon our email boxes will be filled with “good news”.

Some will say, “The news only gets worse.”

Only when we buy into it.

What if we “defund” it by putting our monies into positive news?

Yes, I recently created this website because I believe people deserve better. Oh, it may start slowly, but I believe someone needs to do something. Every day someone rescues a pet or pulls a child from danger. Every day brave men and women risk their lives for their beliefs that they can make a difference.

Take a moment to like this page and read a story or two. Then share the site with others.

And yes, I am hoping investors will come along. I am hoping writers will appear.

Are you interested in changing the world?

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