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We want you to be able to adopt a caregiver in the city of Keene, New Hampshire.

Every dollar given will go to a local restaurant in Keene New Hampshire to provide meals to area caregivers. No donation is too small. None too large.

Are you looking for a way to give back to the people who are on the front lines of this Pandemic? Are you looking to help someone out who may need a warm comfort food lunch or dinner? Is there a specific team you wish to thank with a meal? Well, now you have the opportunity.

Positive News for You is teaming up with The Keene Restaurant Scene to feed a caregiver or deserving group or individual that you are looking to do something nice for.


Let us organize your donation and mealtimes with the person or people that you wish to donate food to and we will make it happen.

How do you give?

You can do one of the following.
  • Paypal-You can make a tax-exempt donation (You may also add money to fund PN4UINC)

    (Please place a note, that says “Caregiver”. )

  • Send us a check. PN4UINC, 50 Woodburn Street #25, Keene, NH 03431
  • Square-You may use Square, if you prefer.

    (Please place a note, that says “Caregiver”. )

PN4UINC will convey the full amount dedicated and cover ALL fees related. (You are welcome to give “extra” to help our organization.)

Please let us know if this is “ANONYMOUS” otherwise your name will be given as the donor to caregiver(s).

How this works…

For every $100 received we have restaurants on board who will receive the $100. They will correspond with the caregiver group. (Please note-You will select that, ie. Hospital with gifts of $100 or more. We can not do this with smaller amounts. You can make suggestions and we will do our best to honor them where we can with smaller amounts.) The food provider will determine the time, etc.. We will deliver this money to the restaurant. And the food provider will deliver to the caregiver.

The restaurants/food providers will be in the rotation. When a rotation is completed, it will start all over. (With each $100 we will reach out to the next restaurant. One person does NOT have to donate $100. And if, for example, we receive a donation of $200, it will go the next 2 restaurants/food providers.)

Current Restaurants and Food Providers
(Are you a restaurant or food provider, that would like to be involved. Reach out to us! Are you a retailer, etc., that would like to add something to these donations? Reach out to us!)

Each Restaurant or Food Provider will get a write-up in Positive News For You, mentions on our Facebook pages for both Keene and Positive News For You.

What do donors receive?

I am pretty certain that people are giving with no expectation of getting something in return. But I want to “pay it forward” a bit, for your purposeful act of kindness. I will send you an email.

How do you help?
That’s it for now. We appreciate your help, your kindness, and your desire to see our community bettered.


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