Ambassadors Of Positivity And Change

The dictionary would tell us an ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. A representative. A promoter. It also defines positivity as the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

The world needs ambassadors of positivity today more than ever. And I believe there are more than one or two out there. And I think we need to gather to change the world. {{more}}

Not long after I began Positive News For You and our nonprofit, PN4UINC, I began to think that we needed a move of positivity and change that would benefit and bless our nation. I think I have felt that way for a time, but it was time to put more energy into the changing of families, communities and more.

It is not enough to just be positive, but it is time to devote ourselves to the process itself. To report the great things happening is one thing, but to cause those things to happen awesome.

I am looking for folks who consider being folks that would champion the cause of positivity. Who would carry a message of change so that we could see the world change.

Positive News For You and PN4UINC are looking for people to change the world and work with us to do that.

I want to call them AMBASSADORS.

These are folks who want to see the world a better place. What will they do? They will let others know what we are doing and why it is important to making our world a better place. Maybe they will visit people and let them know what is happening with is and how it can bring communities together. Maybe they have a strong online presence and the ability to use it to promote positivity.

I see that some of them are going to bring together and lead them to change things where they live. The right people may already have a following and want to have a mission of change to undertake.

Does that sound like you? Or someone you know?

I hope you will consider helping us change the community where you live by letting others know that things can be better. That regardless of what the “news” looks like, we can make it better.

Positive News For You, LLC is registered in New Hampshire. We have a “sister” nonprofit, PN4UINC, that promotes positivity, educates on a more positive lifestyle and helps with the promotion of positive writers.
Thank these advertisers for their support of Positive News For You, by letting them know you appreciate them. (And spending money with them doesn’t hurt either!)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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