Amber Waves of Grain by Sharon Black

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It is almost wheat harvest in Kansas and the Midwest. Close to the 4th of July is usually the average time for harvest. Usually, this time of year is hot and windy and hopefully dry. Rain is always welcome, I but not during harvest.

Wheat can only be harvested when there is a certain percentage of moisture in the wheat head. That is the little wheat nut that is ground finely into flour. The wheat this year really looks great. It is ripening to golden amber.

When the wind blows in a wheat field, it is exactly what the words mean, amber waves of grain. {{more}}

That is the closest thing resembling ocean waves in Kansas.

The combine headers cut the heads off the wheat stalk and throw it through the auger and into the truck. Only the grain is in the trucks and semis.

Farmers will cut when they can and up into the night to get it harvested as soon as possible.

Combines and grain trucks race to the elevators to sell their wheat.

The farmers’ wives are also busy taking food out to the field for the harvesters.

Combines are an expensive piece of equipment and they are also very large.

Breakdowns happen in the field and there are combine service centers that will come to the field and change a tire or fix the combine if the farmer cannot.

Wheat stocks can also be used in centerpieces, and amazingly the stocks can be braided or formed into shapes. That is called wheat weaving.

Wheat is the main ingredient in our food and it is said a farmer feeds the world.


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