Baltic? Boardwalk? Do Not Pass Go?

Monopoly board on floor
Monopoly board on floor

Do not pass go.

Happy Sunday.

Today is Play Monopoly Day.


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Today is Play Monopoly Day and that is just the way to celebrate. You can find Monopoly games in many and almost any theme. There are World War theme, sports theme, horse racing theme and even themes of famous cities around the world. Monopoly holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for most played board game in the world with over 500 million people having played. That was in 1999. Hasbro.com has some interesting monopoly facts. Some are below:

  • The longest MONOPOLY game in history lasted for 70 straight days.
  • The character locked behind the bars is called Jake the Jailbird. Officer Edgar Mallory sent him to jail.
  • The highest rent property on the game board in the U.S. is named “Boardwalk” after a street in Atlantic City. In Spain, it is named “Paseo del Prado” after a street in Barcelona and in France, “Rue de la Paix” is the name of the most coveted property space.

And you can check out one of local wineries here in NH The Summit Winery.

Darren & Judy of The Summit Winery

Darren & Judy of The Summit Winery

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“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities.” —Tim Fargo

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