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Yesterday morning I awoke from a dream about children who needed help.

Let me share a couple of personal stories about why this dream affected me so much.

When my youngest daughter was born, she was born prematurely. She was in the hospital for nearly a year. ( She was born August 25th. The following year on her first birthday I took her and her 4-day old brother home where she was on oxygen for another year. Her 4-day old brother weighed more than her exit weight of 5 pounds. )

The second time was when on December 2nd, of 2001, my other son, had a car accident that placed him in the hospital in a coma for 6 weeks.

During both of these times, I spent plenty of time in the hospital. I noticed a lot of children. Some with debilitating illnesses like cancer and leukemia. Others who were burned or had been accident victims. Certainly, there was a host of others.

Why would I do this?

I am a dad, with 5 children and 8 grandchildren. I see children in our church who have gone through struggles. I know how difficult life can be when a child is ill or hospitalized. I also know how hard it can be to be a single parent.

I believe that there is something good in people and that people respond to goodness in positive ways. Just help someone and watch how others notice. How they respond.

I am doing Positive News For You because I believe positivity can change the world. I labor on it because I think people want positive news. (Even kitten and baby videos!) I do it because I think we can change the mindset of news and media

My dream about helping children triggered something in me. Perhaps a flash of creativity or a thought process. Maybe it just struck a chord of compassion that had learned the role of its music.

I have wanted for a long time to start a non-profit to help others. To provide education about writing and reading the positive news. To provide positive events. To train reporters to find the silver lining of a situation. To bring positivity where ever it can.

Last night a man gave me money. He pulled out his wallet for a bill. He told me that it was “seed money” for the no-profit. That he believed Positive News For You was going to go “viral”.

How can we help?

Here is what I thought of as I thought about the dream. How could Positive News For You help children? My response to that question was this.

  • First in hospitals, hence the name developing PN4U Bear Project. A cuddly bear with our Positive News For You T-shirt that says, “I am bear-y positive.” First, it is a friend, but it is a gentle reminder of an outlook on life. There is more the organization could attach, perhaps a gift card to the coffee shop for the parents. (This would include private clinics or rehabilitation sites where children might be for a season.) Perhaps at some point, we could develop gift bags.
  • Doctors’ Offices (As well as other private providers.) Placing our bears in places with an eye to being positive about health, self-care, etc. At some point, we would also place books we publish on being positive.
  • Daycare and childcare providers. These folks are often the front line, seeing difficulties before others do. The child who has a sick parent or is weathering a divorce. Maybe there is addiction or abuse. What child doesn’t need something to bring comfort?
  • Schools can use the message of positivity in so many ways. Whether it be in the form of merchandise we provide for students attending a meeting on being positive, scholarships, etc.
  • Sports-with so much negativity that generates around this field my hope we could provide a solid message and real answers for children.

One of the things I see is that a positive message is the antithesis of bullying, name calling and more. Isn’t it time we became part of the answer?

What can you do?

If you believe these things are something you could get behind, thank you. Not everyone will (and that is okay.) but for those that do, it will be rewarding. You will set yourselves apart.

Begin by sharing this article and our Facebook page. Think about what you can be involved in. Can you help us get the non-profit going? Do you know businesses and advertisers? What is your talent, time or talent you could sow into this project?

Would you give to this idea?

Give $5? (If you would like to give more, click on the donation button to the right. Or just change the number f items. Depending on the donation amount, I do have some gifts.)

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Buy A Bear For A Child-Your purchase will go to a child.

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I believe 2018 is going to be an amazing year for Positive News For You and you.

How can you help? Let me know!

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