Beer Pairing – Alfredo Sauce by Sarah Blair

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My biggest passion in life is my family. I love spending quality time with them. Growing up we would always eat at the table. I am a firm believer that everyone should at the very least share one meal at the table with no devices as a distraction at a minimum once a week. In my current adult stage of life, it is just my husband and our fur babies in our household. Still, we have at least one meal a week together at the table be it surrounded by friends or just each other. Nothing can compare to the conversations that are shared among a well-prepared meal.

Currently, with the way the world is, we are all being asked to stay home and keep ourselves and family safe from this virus. This means a few different things for all of us. Many are worried about the safety of our families on more than just one level. Quite a few of us are concerned with how we are going to provide for our families while we are unable to work. The best course of action when given situations such as this is to not allow the things out of your control to consume you. Remember we are all in this together. This virus is affecting everyone not just those suffering from the disease itself. Use this time to bond with your families. It is more important now than ever to connect with them on a deeper level. {{more}}

It is also important if you are in a relationship not to let this turmoil consume your relationship. Find new ways to bond with one another. Put those devices away for at least 30 minutes. The news will still be there afterward. Try cooking together. This is something everyone can be involved with. If perhaps cooking together is not an option do a beer pairing at home with each other. If one of you is not a fan of beer make this an opportunity to introduce each other to your drink of choice. We hope that this article assists you with the kick-off of new and interesting ideas.

Here’s the deal many brewers are offering curbside pick up or delivery. Several in Cheshire county New Hampshire alone.

For example:


Frogg Brewery

West LA Beer Co.

Branch and Blade Brewing Co.

Granite Roots Brewing

The Outlaw Brewing Co.

Modestman Brewing

Elm City Brewery

Henniker Brewing

Post & Beam Brewing

If you are not a cook there are several restaurants in town that are cooking up some fantastic dishes that you can pair well with your brews. Such as Luca’s Mediterranean Cafe, Elm City Brewery and Street & Savory to name a select few. #Supportlocalbusiness

All of these fantastic locations are finding ways to stay in business during these tough times and we highly encourage that you show these guys your local support.

No one says you have to the chef to have a meal at the table. You can still grab your to-go orders, and sit at the table together for a delicious beer pairing at home.

Now because sitting down in the restaurant or at the bar of the brewery is not a current option for any of us. How are you to learn about these handcrafted beverages or better yet how are you to learn what is going to pair well with them? That is where I am going to put my years of cooking experience combined with my knowledge of beer to good use for you all. Today I am going to teach you all how to pair Alfredo sauce with a good beer.

Now beer is not typically the go-to beverage when you are eating pasta. Many believe that wine is the drink to have with a pasta dish. But not everyone is a wine lover. This leaves beer drinkers unsure of how to pair their pasta well. Pasta is a heavy dish, adding cream sauce only increases the hardiness. So how would one pair an Alfredo pasta dish??? Especially while we are practicing social distancing and are unable to get that one on one time with our local chefs? Never fear we have a good variety of styles of brews that pair very well with Alfredo sauce.

Our top pick for pairing Alfredo sauce would be a Belgian-style ale. Belgian-style ales are a great mix of sweet and bitter. They are typically copper-colored. They have a low bitterness in taste but also they are full of sweet malty flavors. This makes this style a perfect combo. It is not a beer that is going to be overpowering to the palet nor is it too light to be paired with the rich creaminess of the alfredo sauce. In fact, the low bitterness is just enough to cut through the richness of the alfredo sauce while the sweet malty flavors of caramel and malt will blend perfectly with the flavors of the Alfredo. It is a great balance between the brew and the plate; especially for those trying a beer pairing for the 1st time. Belgian-style ales are classified as a medium brew. What I mean by that is that they are not too heavy but also they are not too light of a beer either.

Other style beers that are going to pair well with alfredo sauce are going to be a good hearty German-Lager. Believe it or not, this dark style brew is full of robust flavors that are going to complement the flavors in a rich creamy sauce such as alfredo. If you do not let the fear of a hearty brew mixed with a hearty dish compel you to steer clear of this combo you might surprise yourself pleasantly. Many new beer drinkers stay away from the darker beers in fear of the powerful flavors that they contain. Pairing a german-lager with a creamy alfredo sauce is going to do the complete opposite. The sweet molts are going to boost the flavors of the alfredo just as the sweet in the Belgian-style ale. However, the bitter undernotes of this style brew are going to prevent the combination from becoming overly rich to the palet.

If you are daring to go even bolder a great Oatmeal style stout is going to be even heavier but it too will surprise you in how it cuts through the richness of the alfredo sauce.

You see many people believe that if you are eating a dish that is light in color then it should be paired with white wine. So in theory, if you are eating chicken alfredo you want something lighter. No, this is one, not the case with beer and two, you can absolutely pair alfredo with red wine. The same concept you would want a red wine that is going to cut through the richness of the cream sauce.

However, if you want to stick with a lighter brew or wine that is fine too. Another option for a light brew would be a good IPA (Indian Pale Ale). IPA’s are one of the most popular styles of ales in the U.S. and their hoppy finish is going to cut through the richness of the creamy alfredo sauce well. IPA’s are often fruity which like the sweetness from the more malty beers it too will blend nicely with the flavors from the alfredo.

Now that I have explained what style of beers will pair well with this type of dish. Don’t forget to check out your local brewers to grab yourself one of these brew styles. Remember that there is a difference between craft beer and domestic beer. The flavors from a handcrafted brew cannot be compared. They are going to be more powerful and fulfilling than a mass-produced brew. The brewers we listed previously all have a list of their current brews on their websites. There are several different creations for these styles to check out.

I hope that you all stay strong and healthy. More than that I hope that this article brings you ideas to help you through this time in our lives. Remember you are not alone in this. We are all in it together and we will prevail. I would love to know how this beer pairing works out for you. Feel free to send in pictures and messages through Country Brew Tours social pages or through our website.

#AleAboard. Cheers friends, till next time.

-Sarah E. Blair

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