Changing The World Often Requires A Child

It's your turn to change the world
It's your turn to change the world

For positive change to be consistent, we will need children of change.

Last week I was in a conversation with a Business Coach. A Fortune 200 company trainer. He and I discussed our new Positive News For You, nonprofit and that one of the aspects would be to provide “positivity” training and soft skills to give them a better opportunity in the world to come. We were discussing how we might work together to provide for young people

I am excited about we are readying to offer. Excited, because many of the stories I post about young people are barely scratching the surface, but they are powerful stories

Look at these articles! Do we see how many are young people changing things?

These young people are changing things for the good. Moved by compassion, fueled by passion and a willingness and desire to make things better, they are following their dreams. They are doing the things to help others lives become more meaningful, bringing fresh meaning to benevolence and giving.

And I know there are a lot more where those come from.

Perhaps you do as well!

Young people! Students! Homeschoolers!

Where are you?

I would love to have you share or write stories about what you are doing to change the world in a positive way.

It is part of who we are at PN4U and I want to see a generation of positive people!

If you think this is important would you share with your children, young friends or students?

I am looking for stories about children who have chosen to be the change they want to see. Young people who are passionate about changing their communities and neighborhoods.

Will you help me help them change the world?

For more information, please connect with me. Thank you!


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