Cheap or Free Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Creative things to do with your kids that won’t break the bank!

Field trips are a fantastic way for kids to learn hands-on and really experience the things they might be reading about in your home school curriculum. With a little creativity and imagination, you could make the world your classroom.

Remember- Homeschooling does not have to be expensive!

Visit Various Libraries.


Libraries have many resources to learn from and great

opportunities to socialize (quietly!). Try not to stick to just your local

library- branch out and explore others! Also be sure to check the libraries’

calendars of events to see if there are any activities for your kids going on

that you might want to take part in. Another hint- check your library for

passes to museums and other attractions. Often times you can get discounts or

free admission to places!

Museums, Aquariums and Zoos.

One of the more obvious trips is to a local museum,

aquarium or zoo. Search what is in your area and state, and what would interest

your kids. Don’t forget some museums, aquariums and zoos offer classes,

activities and special events. If you are feeling creative, put together a

scavenger hunt or other activity. Check websites for discount days, group

discounts or coupons, and as mentioned above, call your local library for


CapitalHistoric Society

Check with your town’s historical society for lots of

great local historical information. You could search old cemeteries for

gravestones of famous historical figures, learn about landmarks and old

buildings, and so much more. You could find information about a local park or

amusement park and go exploring. Compare photos from years ago to now, and make

a scrapbook showing the difference over time.

Nature Walks.

Perfect way to get some sun, fresh air and exercise

while learning and having fun! Suggest the kids bring a camera and take turns

taking photos of plants, water, trees, and other things of nature. They can

take notes in a journal, do a scavenger hunt, play Nature Bingo with plants and

animals they see. You could even set up a “waterfall tour” or “covered

bridge tour” if you want to explore in themes. If you want to include art,

have them sketch something that catches their eye.

Visit Your State Capital.

Most state capitals will give tours of the grounds

and building. Sometimes there are events for kids to learn more about


Farms and Sanctuaries.

Take a trek out to local farms and sanctuaries. Not

only can kids get to mingle with animals, but they can talk to employees and

ask questions, take tours, join in activities, and much more. Try visiting a pick-your-own

farm, and pick apples, pumpkins, strawberries and more!

Gillette CastleBook Tours of Local Businesses.

Some businesses will take a few minutes out of their

day to talk to kids about their business, whether it is a coffee shop, garden

center or real estate office. Call around and see who would be willing to speak

with your kids for a few minutes (or a group if there is more than one).

Community Activities.

Most towns have activities for various age groups. Don’t

forget to check their website regularly for new events and things to do. This includes anything from the arts to sports and beyond!

I hope this gives you a little taste for what is out

there… and I am sure there are a lot more ideas not listed! If you have any

to add to the list, please drop it in the comments below!!

Thank you and happy homeschooling!

About the Author:

Natalie R. Brolan has been a freelance writer for over 20 years, writing and reviewing for newspapers, magazines and blogs. She studied creative writing, children’s literature and publishing, and is excited to be releasing the first picture book in her new series ‘MOM Academy: Where We Go to School!’.

An even bigger accomplishment, she survived teaching her two children- both recent high school graduates of home school, and is happy to report that they are well on their way to making positive marks in the world. With 10-plus years experience and exuberant passion in elementary and high school homeschooling, Natalie thought it would be a great avenue to travel down in writing.

Natalie lives in Connecticut with her family and can be found with her nose in a good book, writing, painting, going to a concert or exploring nature.

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