Christmas Ads 2017 Part 1

The Christmas ad season has begun. (I love Christmas. I even wrote a book about it!) Not all ads are for me. I tend to like the ones that provoke an emotion, whether it be tears, joy, happiness or the evoking of nostalgic thinking.

If you like Christmas I think you will enjoy some of these.

I have already viewed more than 20 this morning!

My first “I like” ad appeared a few weeks ago when the Kia ad opened with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Carol of the Bells”. (I was sad to hear of the loss of their founder, Paul O’Neill, who passed away on April 2017.)

And here is a Christmas fairy tale from Debenhams. It is a Cinderella story.

Do you like the ones that have a little twist? This is my “tears” one so far. This to me is the spirit of Christmas. I love the “pay it forward” in it.

This one will hit home for sisters from Boots.

I really like the Willy Wonka appeal of this one from ASDA.

This is a fun one from the grocery giant, Aldis.

A nice, simple cartoon from Barbours.

This one is a little futuristic but fun overall from Argos.

This is not the one John Lewis went with this year but this one is already viral.

This is the one John Lewis went with.

If you like Paddington Bear you will probably enjoy this one from M&S.

A from Morrisons, one for the gluten-free folks.

I love the Christmas memories that are shown in this from House of Fraser.

So, that is it for this round. I have my alerts on for new ones, so consider subscribing to our blog.

If you have a great link to a Christmas ad I would love to see it. As we ready for the holiday season, if you have positive stories to share, I hope you will send it along. I am going to be looking for cool pictures, Christmas light videos and stories of giving and helping.

A few years ago I took my grandchildren to what turned out to be the last year of lights at this mansion.

Thanks for watching!

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