Christmas Ads 2017 Part 2

The Christmas ad season has begun. (I love Christmas. I even wrote a book about it!) Not all ads are for me. I tend to like the ones that provoke an emotion, whether it be tears, joy, happiness or the evoking of nostalgic thinking.

If you like Christmas I think you will enjoy some of these. (Part 1 of Christmas videos went up last week!)

Yesterday, I watched a bunch of these and checked out lots more.

Coles Christmas-Super markets put out some pretty good ones. (Did you see the Aldis one last week?)

What you would expect from a children’s company but pretty good.

Get your tissues.

Wonder where they got that song? Just kidding.


Cute ad at this link. If you like pets, this is a good one.

This is an old Coke one I just thought I would put in here.

From McDonalds. Pretty good.

What can a city produce?

These guys are amazing!

This one is neat.


Peacocks Store ads are always good!

White Christmas-pretty funny.


More nostalgia from Morrisons.

Interesting ad from a little known company in the states.

Amazons Give 60 campaign.

Tesco always had good ads.

A Compilation.

Lidl’s always has great ads.

So, that is it for this round. I have my alerts on for new ones, so consider subscribing to our blog.

Send us your favorite videos, pictures, Christmas lights and flash mobs!


Thanks for watching!

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