Community And You – Why It Is Important

My father was my baseball coach and from there he went on to become the President of the Little League where we were. At the same time, he was Packmaster for our Cub Scouts. I was proud. I never thought how much it took until I coached my first Little League team and ran the local Cub Scouts. My mom was involved in a number of service organizations, as well as local church and what she did above and beyond her teaching career.

Serving your community is important.

I have always been a community kind of person. you could say growing up the way I did, it was inevitable.

I have been on more boards in 20 years than I can remember. Put in what may well be years of service. And that would not include the events, concerts, and more that my companies were affiliated with or the ones my children participated in. Add in my years with radio, TV, print and more and I guess maybe I am a community advocate.

Why would I do that? (There were years that my wife would ask that!)

To make things better for the people of the community I am part of. To make sure some of the great values I believe in are there for my children and my grandchildren. (If they are not, will they stay?)

The other day, a video showed up on my Facebook feed. It was an event that was happening in my community as a fundraiser for the YMCA in town. The “stars” were two local businessmen in the community of Keene where I live. Luca Paris is the owner of Luca’s Mediterranean Cafe and Ted McGreer owns Ted’s Shoe & Sports, both businesses in downtown Keene. (A pretty cool video by 710 Main Films. Check them out. Obviously a community supporter.)


Folks who play and work in the community.

I think when you participate in your community, working to improve things, not only do others begin to see things in a better light, but you as a participant will feel good! When we help others WE get better!

I can tell you I live in a pretty amazing community. I knew that before the video, but the video helped!

One of the reasons behind starting Positive News For You was to provide a forum to showcase the good things that occur in a community. My community, your community, all communities. Our new nonprofit, PN4UINC will do more to get behind community endeavors.

Whatever your reason for serving your community, I applaud you. Whether you own a business or are an amazing volunteer.

I want to hear about the great things that are going on in your community.

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