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The sound that comes from someone skidding their tire(s) too much on their bike.

Yep…My grandson popped his rear tire on the bike I had purchased him earlier this summer. (In his “defense” it was a used bike.) {{more}}

I told him I would help him with the repair of his bicycle. (Blown tire, tube, and liner.) I loaded the bike up onto my car rack and headed home. It sat there over the weekend on the back of my Explorer. Monday came around. I had a couple of appointments and then it was time to call Bruce.

Bruce had a shop in town, called Andy’s. He was there for 64 years! I was all ready to purchase Jacob a new bike and when I got there…he was gone! I heard he retired.

Not too long after, I was driving a back road, and there were about a hundred bikes in front of this house with a large barn, next to it. I found out it was Bruce and that he was still working on bikes.

When I bought Jacob’s bike, it needed a seat. I took it up there. He asked Jacob what seat he wanted and put it on. $10!!!

I reached out to Bruce (You have to call first.) and he told me to bring it on by. A little after 12, I stopped there. I unloaded the bike and brought it over to the door. I told him, I wanted him to check it out and if anything else needed to be done. He looked at. I said I could leave it and pick it up at any time. (Honestly, I thought a couple of days or so.) His response was it would be ready at 3. (I thought, wow, as I looked over at a few bikes ahead of me.)

Jacob and his bikeI went and did a few errands and about 3:30 I stopped back by. The bike was ready. I asked how much, and he gave me a price. I had to ask twice. The price was less than I would have paid for a good tire and tube, plus he put on a new chain, checked the brakes and everything else. Just as I was getting ready to pay, he remembered the seat lever needed to be replaced. He reached into a box and pulled out a part. Replacing the lever, he told me the price. It had not changed!

Not only did I get the work I wanted but Bruce went above and beyond!

I love doing business locally. I love good service. And I love telling people ALL about it.

If you live within a hundred miles, I highly recommend Bruce and Andy’s Cycle.

Here are his address and number.

Anderson’s Barn
574 Old Walpole Road
Surry, NH

Call Bruce at 603-313-5119

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