Death Is Neither Timely Or Convenient

What place does death or destruction have on a “positive” news site? Because even in death, we must strive to find that place of goodness, that silver lining.

Yesterday, I received an email requesting prayer for a 10-year-old boy who had been sledding and crossed into the road to be hit by a car. He later died from the injuries.

I have a 10-year-old grandson. I could not even imagine. In 2001, I received a call about one of my boys and his terrible accident.

Yet, I would not even attempt to tell another how to handle something like this.

But, as I read the article of this young boy, tears began to stream down my face. I did not know him or his family. But, I “knew” him. I know a life of a boy that had been snuffed out. An accident.

Someone said, “Parenting is not for the weak at heart.” I agree.

Many years ago, my oldest daughter was sledding. Like this young man, she crossed a road and a truck ran over the front of her sled. She was uninjured but like her mom and me, she was quite shaken.

As I read and reread the email and subsequently, the newspaper account, emotions overcame me.

Here, I am. Crying.

This is not a “positive story”, but I have learned, that even in the darkest times, there often follows things of goodness. (A few years ago, I wrote a book, The Interrupted Process. One of the topics was loss and the process of grief.)

I prayed for this family in our local fellowship this morning.

I am not sure what I expect or think can happen, but somehow, the remembrance of this young boy will bring something good. It is hard to see what at this time. Yet, I know it to be true.

I would ask that you send your positive thoughts, your prayers, and your good vibes to this family. Let us believe something good will follow.

In the darkest of dark, a candle can be seen at over 1.6 miles away. How much greater the light of goodness?

While death is neither timely nor convenient, it does offer the opportunity for others to gather around. Sometimes it is meals or money. Other times it is the simple, “I am sorry for your loss.” But what it is not, is finality for those that loved. That knew.

Is there a positive side to this? No. It is the reality of an unfortunate accident at a difficult time of year. But, what it ought to release is our ability to love greater to those about us. To choose to be a beacon to others. A hand up to those going through difficult times. The world will not become less busy, but it can become more compassionate.

Each one of us can look around for that one person who needs a positive word. A smile.

Will that be me? Will that be you?

I certainly hope so.

UPDATED 12.18.17

Here is a GoFundme account for helping with expenses.

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