Disaster, Destruction and Discouragement Met Head On

Read the mainstream or what some would call “real news” and your heart will be broken. (I read 20 of these sites and to find something positive, I had to work hard.)

Life can be difficult, painful and life draining.

In 2001, I had the worst year of my life. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in May. During the week of 9/11 (September), with our family there, she passed. In August, I lost my spiritual dad. In November, my stepmother died and in December one of my boys was in a terrible car accident. (My initial call was he was dead. 6 weeks of being in a coma and years of rehabilitation.)

I do understand life can be tough and bad things can happen. (I wrote a book, I called The Interrupted Process.) I do understand that we often can allow things to take our “life” away if we let it.

In the publishing of this positive news sites, I have found amazing people, organizations and grassroots response to disasters.

The Las Vegas shooting was a terrible tragedy. 58 people lost their lives. The family’s forever scarred by the situation. How could anyone feel anything other than sadness? Yet, in the middle of it, heroes arose. Lives were saved. The outpouring of support amazing. It will not remove the sadness of loss, but it does begin to change the narrative.

The hurricanes in the south. The fires in the west. Puerto Rico (At last count, I had 15 days with positive articles on Puerto Rico). Napa Valley. Houston. All of these are terrible circumstances. Yet, each day, I see humanity respond in compassionate, caring ways.

Will positive stories restore devastation or get back lost ones? Of course not! That would be a ridiculous way of thinking and not honor those who have suffered. What it does do, is bring a balance. Reveals the hearts of those who can help. Want to help.

Years ago tropical storm, crashed through Vermont where I lived at the time. I was working on that week’s newspaper. Emails and Facebook messages began to flood my newsfeed. After a few hours, I was overwhelmed by the destruction. Videos, pictures, and letters came pouring in. It was terrible. Disastrous.

All around me people were going through terrible things.

My response was to establish something to help people. And I covered the good that was coming out. Anyone can watch videos of destruction, pain, and disaster, but there is in the midst of that, the opportunity to do something positive is outstanding.

It is my goal to establish, not just a site for the but create an organization that can teach the values of doing good, remaining positive and helping others, even in the midst of harsh situations.

I look forward to hearing from many of you in the coming days. Whether you write, send us links or connect us to others by your sharing.

Thank you!

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