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I’m starting something new. It’s called Feature Friday. While the name isn’t very original, my features sure are! I will be featuring local(ish) artists twice a month. You’ll get to meet them and maybe learn a little about these special people that you didn’t know before.

My first featured artists are some of my very close friends. I am so honored to know them, not only because they’re a great musical group, but because they’re exemplary people. I got to sit down for a few minutes with band member singer/songwriter Shauna Muhonen to get a little extra info on the band . {{more}}

The band first started with an idea singer/songwriter Jess Balsam Teixeira had: feeling led to sing country music. One day she asked Shauna if she’d like to do some #countrymusic too. The two formed a partnership, planning to record a few songs. Recording a few songs turned into something a little bigger, and #Forged was, well… forged. The word forged means “to form a friendship through mutual trust, not easily taken apart, bonded”. Jess and Shauna, who were already very close friends, started a whole new level of the word “bonded”. A #musicaljourney began. Matthew Johndrow had been helping the duo with taking the drummer role, and soon joined the band as their official drummer, bringing his love for writing lyrics to the table.

Berkley graduate Michael Pistone later joined as the band’s bass player. In the fact that they did not have a guitar player, Mike taught himself to play lead guitar instead of bass and has been playing lead ever since. He also plays the saxaphone and the piano.

Newest to the band is Robert Murphy, bass player. Rob has played for many years in bands in and around the #Boston area. He will be making his debut as a Forged member tomorrow night at the #Phoenixsmokehouse.
Jessica and Shauna each wrote songs but much of the writing now happens as a #collaboration. “It’s so fun, we really work well writing together. Each member contributes their expertise whether it be personal experience, crazy storytelling, lyrical structure, musical structure… we all have our gift” says Shauna. “‘Old Bones’ was one of those group efforts.”

When I asked who they would love to collaborate with or open a show for the answer was “MIRANDA!” (Miranda Lambert, of course). A few places that Forged has performed already are 102.5 Studio, Loretta’s in Boston, Midway Café outside of Boston, Harlow’s in Peterborough, Birchwood Inn in Temple, and are frequently featured on 101.7 “The Bull” radio station. Their next show is at The Smokehouse in Rindge, NH tomorrow at 5 p.m.

The band has a few favorites to cover, one being “A Long and Happy Life” by Delta Rae. “All of our voices are in it and it is such a great song with a good message.”

My next question was regarding what they would like to see changed in the music industry. Shauna stated that it would be nice to see the pitch process improve, to be simpler. #Pitching songs is complicated as far as steps and finding how to get within the network. It is something you have to figure out to be able to do. Next on their list is to work on #recording some new songs through the winter.

In a message from Mike regarding this interview, he wrote “Forged is one of the best things to happen to me. I love collaboration and musicianship. I’m truly honored and blessed to be part of this amazing project.”
In closing, I asked Shauna what message they would like to send to their fans. Her reply was “Thank you for the #love and #support you’ve shown us!”

If you are local don’t miss their gig at the Smokehouse tomorrow night! Thank you to Forged for your time with me for this interview. I look forward to seeing the good things the future holds for you!
(Not pictured are Matt & Rob)

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