Feature Friday-Jessica Interviews Vere Hill

Vere Hill
Singer songwriter, Vere Hill
The weather is a little dreary around here in NH today, but my featured artist is sure to bring you some sunshine! He is an outgoing, kind, encouraging person and I am so glad to be able to call him a friend. Meet singer songwriter Vere Hill!
Well, it’s Feature Friday again!
Vere was born in St. Maarten where he spent years as a member of a band called House Appliances. In 2013 he moved to the States and now resides in both Providence and Peterborough.


Vere has always been into music. When he was four years old he started playing the piano by ear. He learned how to play many different instruments, but he says the piano is his desired instrument today. I am always amazed by his skill. He still plays by ear and is completely self-taught. When asked to describe his music he stated “My songs talk about general life lessons and experiences. I try to keep it positive… 20 years from now I’d like people to hear my music and say ‘this is good music’. Music should be inspiring.” Sometimes his creative process is quick and sometimes it takes weeks or months to figure out songs. “It shouldn’t be rushed.” When asked who he would like to collaborate with if given the opportunity, Vere told me The Weekend. “The music that he represents, the style of music, it has strong soul.”


My next question was a bit deeper, which was what message he would like to give to his fans. His reply was, “The power of music is healing. You could be having the worst day and just by listening to a song it could change it, the whole vibe. It can promote the healing process. Music lets you get out what’s inside of you, whether on the giving end or receiving end. I don’t think this world would be what it is without music. So, listen to music when you can.”


I always like to ask what other talents my featured artists have. “I am a diver but it’s too cold around here,” Vere stated with a grin. At one time Vere worked for a nature foundation on St. Maarten in the Caribbean where he was a scuba diver. Along with diving he is also a great chef.


Vere has performed in many towns throughout New England. Peterborough, Temple, Nashua, Salem, Derry, Londonderry, Portsmouth, Dover, and Hampton Beach, to name just a few. I asked what some important qualities of venues are. He told me that the energy he receives from people at the venues is so important. “It’s nice to be able to feed off of that, to make a connection between the crowd and myself can determine the kind of night it is.” I asked him his favorite song to perform. He replied, “I don’t have a favorite… actually I do but I haven’t released it yet.”. Vere performs a vast array of cover songs along with his originals.


I asked Vere what he would like to see changed in the music industry. His reply was something that I have never thought about before, but being a musician myself and understanding how difficult it could be I totally agree.


“Musicians and singers should be taken more seriously by the general population and by the government, not only by their fans. Some people look down on musicians and say ‘get a real job’, they don’t know the power of music. It would be really something to see government funded programs to support artists and bands even to the point of recording. There are so many great performers that can only do so very little because they don’t have the connections or the money.”


Lastly, I asked Vere what was next for him. He said that he is in the process of writing a few songs and within the next year would like to finish some songs that have been in the works for a while. Hopefully by the end of 2021 have an album or an EP. “I don’t put deadlines on myself, though. Just goals.”


If you would like to see Vere in action follow him on his platforms! Instagram is vere_is_real, Facebook is Vere Hill Music, and his website is


Thank you, Vere Hill, for your time with this interview! I can’t wait to see what you will do this upcoming year All the best and success to you!
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