Gratitude Is Often Revealed In Relationships

When I was young, I had friends and relationships, but I am sure I did not appreciate the value that could be found in them. Relationships seemed to be important, but determining the value as a young man, would have been difficult.

I often saw a relationship as either something to “check off” or something to build on. It took years for me to realize the power of the relationships I had and the regret for the ones I had not maintained.

This weekend I saw my love of relationships being transferred to some of my children in a very meaningful way.

Over the last year or two, one of my children developed a friendship. (He told me the other day, that this friendship was one of his key relationships.) This weekend something amazing came out of that. He and his wife had continued to build upon this friendship with this couple. (I would like to tell you friendships are easy, but I would be lying. They take work and commitment.)

The wife in this couple learned about my granddaughter’s love for airplanes. Her father is a pilot and he loves taking people flying.

Yesterday morning we headed to our local airport. It was crisp, sunny day and planes were already coming in. When we arrived her father was already there.

He had flown up from Massachusetts and took, not only my son, daughter-in-love and my granddaughter flying but two of my other grandchildren as well.

My grandson Jacob told me it was the “best”.

What a treat!!!

I am super grateful about their flights and the fact that they loved it and enjoyed it. I am even more grateful that my children have learned principles, I probably did not have a clue about at their age.

Gratefulness is a principle that I think the more it is practiced, the better it gets.

This morning I read an article by a teacher who was leaving the profession because he felt the students didn’t care anymore. My heart broke. For the students who wanted to learn, for the ones who didn’t and for the teacher that felt going on was fruitless.

My mom was a teacher for 31 years. I know it was a different time but I am sure she battled those thoughts as well.

In our case, we had a man who loved what he did and wanted to share his passion for flying with others. He took time with each person to explain and to remove any fears that cropped up.

If I could cause children to become more grateful I would. It certainly begins with parents and friends.

Maybe a campaign of gratitude is on the table waiting to be served.


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