GT650R oriented superbike launched in USA

Hyosung GT 650R and Hyosung ST7 are newly launched bikes in the market which are getting buzz response from overseas and Indian market. {{more}}Both the Hyosung bikes have mind blowing appearance and latest features which make them attractive in the segment. Meanwhile power and performance of the bikes are world premiered. A US based electric bike manufacture has bewitched by Hyosung bikes and launched an electric superbike which looks same as GT 650R.US based Roehr Motors has recently launched this electric super bike which looks same like Hyosung GT 650R i.e. called eSupersport. This bike is powered by a highly efficient AC Induction Motor that generates max power of 50Kw or 67bhp which is similar to what the petrol powered bike produces. Meanwhile top generating torque is 80 lb/ft. This powerful motor is capable of reaching top speeds in excess of 100 mph (161 kmph) that ensures to provide real riding experience to the sports bike lovers. With a recharge of 7 hours, the bike can run for 75 miles or 121 km because it is integrated with a 7.7Kwh capacity of LiFePO4 battery. It can also be recharged through a powerful 1500 watt powered charger within 7 hours. The bike is priced at dollar 17,500 in that market. Roehr Motorcycles LLC is pioneer company in electric motorcycle manufacturing that was setup in 2008 by Walter Roehrich. Presently the company includes three models in its stable like eSuperBike, 1250sc and just launched eSuperSport. All the Roher bikes are getting buzz response from that market because in these days electric bike market is increasing with unexpected growth.

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