Happy Saturday! Be The Change You Wish To See

Super Saturday
Super Saturday-Make it a great day

Be the change you wish to see!

Happy Saturday!

Today is Let’s All Eat Right Day!


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How to Observe Let’s All Eat Right Day

What foods do you eat? Does your diet consist of whole, unprocessed foods? You can celebrate Let’s All Eat Right Day by reflecting on these questions and shifting your diet to make sure you are eating right. Focus on choosing healthy meals, perhaps even trying some of Davis’ recipes.

Reading some of Davis’ books is a fitting way to celebrate the day. Pick up a copy of You Can Stay Well, Let’s Cook it Right, Let’s Have Healthy Children, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, or Let’s Get Well. There are many other books about health and food you could read today as well. You could donate to the Adelle Davis Foundation, and support “education and developmental activities relative to the field of nutrition.”


Your daily thought!

“You cannot help the world to be a better place if you do not become a more conscious human being.”Sadhguru

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Be the change you want to see in the world.
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