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Coronavirus. It seems like only a few short moments ago, it was a blip on our radar screen. I remember first posting about it in a group right after the new year. I had friends in the mission’s community talking about it. At that time, and even today, it seemed like life was on a moment to moment basis.

Regardless of our personal thinking or philosophies, we are here.

On September 11, 2001, my wife and I were just outside New York City. We were headed to Indiana to see my mom before she passed. That was a crazy day. But, on September 12th, people began to rally. To come back. {{more}}

On many levels this is similar, and yet so different. In 2001, people were encouraged to come together and here we are, being asked to disband. (I have two family members who are immune-compromised and being told not to leave their homes. The panic buying of masks, etc., have left both without masks, alcohol, wipes, etc. for themselves. I know this is the case for many.)

But I do sense a rally and thinking much like what began on September 12th.

In 2008, I had published several small newspapers. We developed a program for local buying and promotion of small businesses. I have never looked back. In this present situation, the same thinking and facts will hold true. Local businesses will continue to keep nearly 70% of their monies in a community while larger chains may keep as little as 14% (Dependent on the business type.) in a community.

When we began Positive News For You, the purpose was not to deny what else was going on but to give people a place of respite from the news cycles of fear and negativity. Each day for nearly 3 years, we have made sure there is positive news of the day on our site.

Like many, we are trying to figure things out. Our income stream comes from advertisers and sponsors, as well as sales of merchandise. (We also have a 501(c)3, called PN4UINC.)

We will not stop making good stories available.

But I want to do something to help the small business owner. All of them.

Many of my friends in my hometown of Keene are small business owners. They are posting what they can do to practice social distancing, accommodate buyers, suggest gift certificates, etc. Shopping local helps them, betters the environment, keeps more money local and more.

Here is what I can do and want to do. I want to promote you.

This is FREE.

If you live in the Keene area…

I need:
  • A 220×153 image (PNG, JPG, etc.) for your business. You will have to provide this. (If you can’t let me know.)
  • A link to your website or Facebook page.
  • A paragraph as to what you are doing in this time to be there in the community. (It can be more.)
  • These will remain for 3 months. (That is a $75 value.)
  • Participate on our Facebook pages, to let others know what you may be doing differently, etc..
Free means free…

If at some point you decide in reciprocity or paying it forward:
  • Make a post to share our site with others.
  • Let others know about us.
  • Let people know what you are doing during this time.
  • Consider joining our Facebook pages, Positive News For You, Positive Things Happen in Keene and PN4UINC and inviting others. Perhaps join our Positive News For You Facebook group.
  • Maybe consider some of our merchandise.
  • You might be interested in advertising. Feel free to reach out. We are always looking for sponsors and advertisers for our pages.
  • Donations can be made to our nonprofit, PN4UINC.
  • You can write positive articles, submit positive stories, provide videos, podcasts, pictures, etc.
  • Have other ideas? Let us know.

Are you a small business owner elsewhere?

Send me your image. It will appear in a different place on the site. I am here to promote positivity when and where I can.

Same thinking and suggestions apply.

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please consult with us.

You can donate here to PN4UINC. You can buy merchandise here.


Want more by Lee?

How you can help?

  1. We are always on the lookout for sponsors and advertisers for this PAGE.
  2. Send us great positive stories, videos, and photos. (Go to the SUBMIT button at the top.)
  3. And you can make a donation to our 501(c)3 and write in LEE in the checkout. We put a percentage towards our local homeless shelter. The balance helps with other lifestyle-related events and content.
  4. Or you can buy our merchandise.
  5. We are looking for writers for all things “local”! (Think Roving Reporters and Town Criers! smiley)


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