I Could Do That! Let’s Hear You Stand Up And Shout

I Could Do That
I Could Do That

I could do that.

“Grampa. That is my inspiration.”

My 16-year-old daughter had been at a car show with me, drooling over the cars we were looking at. (“I only need one!” she told me.) We had come upon a car that a high school girl had rebuilt after taking an auto tech course. She had driven it 2.5 hours to place it in the show.

My granddaughter’s response was “I could do that!” {{more}}

My generation never thought there was anything we couldn’t do. At least no one I ever really remember. We would see a musician on TV and we wanted to play music. We saw a rocket launch and we wanted to be an astronaut. A rich business owner story and we wanted to be the next millionaire.

Somehow for many, dreams faded, and lives changed. The sense of “I could do that” changed to regrets and settling for something less.

I never want to be there in my life. I spend time with young people who have fire and passion and work to “throw gasoline” on their ideas.

This past week, I spent the last few days, putting together priorities for my life (I am 64-years-old.) that included: personal, family, our church fellowship and business. I took all those things and set them in order and from there developed my calendar and “to do’s”.

One of the things that resulted from that was the thinking “I could do that!” I love putting up great stories about people changing their communities and bettering the world. That is why I do what I do here. But, if that is all there was, I would be bored. I have always wanted people to “copy” that thinking of another who might be making their community better.

Maybe it is the little girl with a lemonade stand, raising money for a charity, or the young boy doing things for the homeless. Perhaps it is the inventions of youth or the creativity of a senior.

Clearly, replication of these may well just be the sincerest form of flattery and honor.

Read our stories. Find someone to emulate. Look for that hero. (Let’s not leave it all to the children!) I am not asking you to give up your own aspirations or dreams, but to get out there and do them. And between here and there, perhaps you do volunteer somewhere, to change your community.

We want people to desire to be something bigger, something better, all the while wanting compassion and kindness to come forth. Telling their story, gaining their voice and bettering their communities.

All this brought me to what I want to “birth” as the “I could do that” movement. Not be “against” something but to be all in FOR something. Something good.


Today I read the story of the 92-year-old man who volunteers in a nursing home, talking to residents. All in honor of his late wife. I thought, how many “could do that”? How many would do that and post a picture with #ICouldDoThat? I bet a lot if they thought about it.

Or the mom who spreads kindness and encouragement with her sidewalk chalk art? Who stands up and says, “I could do that”?

I want to start a move of “Positivity Ambassadors” who will have said, “I could do that” and have.

I need help. (Sometimes I am long on vision and short on help.)

Let’s begin an Instagram program of #ICouldDoThat, with pictures of others in acts of kindness, and the hashtag with follow ups. #ICouldDoThatAndDid. Let’s get those influencers involved while we are influencing. (It would be great to have some superstar, but between here and there, we have you and I.

Come on and join me!

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