“I Have A VISION!” To See PN4U Grow, Requires Sales People

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Hey everyone!

My name is Lee and I have a vision! A vision to see POSITIVE NEWS FOR YOU change the way people view news.

A little over a year ago, I became sick of the negativity in the news. The “I gotcha” reporting, the constant flow of trash reporting and the drain on the brain to find something you could share with others.

So, I began POSITIVE NEWS FOR YOU. And a nonprofit, PN4UINC, to promote positivity and change the world to a better place.{{more}}

Currently I am adding writers, photographers, videographers and podcasters. We are developing them on a shared on collaborative basis, which, means they get paid when we have advertisers, sponsors and donors.

And that…

Is where we need sales people.

Right now we are doing “commission only” sales people, offering liberal commissions to make it worth while. (After $600 in income, we will be issuing you an IRS FORM 1099-MISC. For more on this, you may want to talk to your accountant.)

You may do sales from the comfort of your home, or visit potential advertisers and sponsors.

If you think the news has become too negative and want to be part of the change, send me a note.

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