In A World Often Influenced By Takers, Recycled Percussion Gives Back

Recycled Percussion is back at it again. Paying it forward, giving away money and helping others. In a world that often seems to be in “taking” mode, these guys are giving back. (They have a nonprofit foundation in place.)

Full disclosure…

I like these guys. I have been to their shows, got my kids and grandkids involved and have written about them before. I saw them so long ago the first time (1999), I can’t believe it. So, it was easy over the years to be involved in their programs to help them help children at Christmas time. They do a great job.

Last year they had a TV program, called Chaos & Kindness. Apparently, it wasn’t until February that the band decided to do Season 2. This was their Facebook announcement.

Big announcement!!!!!!

It has taken us 2 months to come to this decision. As many of you know our Tv show Chaos & Kindness is very close to our hearts. Well, the big cloud over our heads as if we had the energy for a second season. I know I needed a mental break, the show is amazing but the stories and the effort are very difficult for me emotionally. So before I could make a decision I really needed time to see if it’s something I could handle and also Ryan and my family. Well, we informed the networks that we are going to do another season!! We want this season to be even more insane than last season and we will be visiting places around the world to bring the chaos and kindness. Season two of chaos and kindness will start in April and we will be hoping all of our fans have our backs and help us through this. We do our tv show for free and we always need the support of you all. You mean everything to us. Please share this for us! Let’s do it!

Good for them. Good for us!

That would have been more than enough to set the hearts of fans on fire. But, no, that would not have been keeping with the benevolence factor of this band.

Here are some of the more recent Facebook posts that appeared.

On March 10th.

We will give $1,000 to a great cause or circumstance tomorrow. So if you have a foundation you believe in, or know a story that the money would truly make a difference comment on here and share this post! Spread the word, let’s randomly support something that really needs it tomorrow!

560 plus likes and over 500 plus shares they had a winner.

March 12th and the winner was Granite State Dog Recovery!

We have decided.

A few days ago I said we would donate $1,000 to a charity or cause that YOU wanted us to help. Well, the people have spoken and we have decided to donate the money to The €œgranite state dog recovery€ in our home state of NH. This organization helps families reunite with their dogs and educates them on how to care for these pups. I’m a huge dog lover so this makes me happy. So please someone from that organization message us and get us your info, we will have our team get you a check! Thanks

And that would have been cool, but…

On March 13th, this appeared on the Facebook page.

We are looking for 3 more foundations, organizations, or situations to donate $$$$$$ too! So share this, tell your story and tag whoever. We listen to our fans and we will help those who seem to need it.

This was their March 15th response.

Big announcement!!!

So we asked a few days back for you to nominate some foundations or individuals that could use some $$$$$$. Well over 1700 comments came in and I read most of them and we have decided to help 3 of this that stand out. Check out what we are going to do.

We decided to put ALL of our merchandise on sale for ONE week. All our chaos and kindness and Recycled Percussion gear along with my book at 25 percent off. Now the best part. Every penny that we sell we will divide among the 3 foundations/organizations we have chosen. Here is who they are.

1) Liberty house in Manchester, NH. I have personally visited this home for recovering veterans and they are an incredible safe haven for our military in need.

2) YWCA and Emily’s place. This is NH’s largest domestic violence shelter providing housing, food, and clothing.

3) Hinsdale, NH was shaken a few nights back in a tragic car accident where a young man passed away and his 2 friends are hospitalized. We will give them money towards whatever they need to aid in the process of recovery.

So if you ever wanted recycled percussion or chaos and kindness gear or just want more. It’s on sale and all the money goes to the above-mentioned organizations. It’s simple just go to and order now!

Please please please help us help them, share this post and tag people you feel would want us to support this!

Thank you.


Followed by this.

If this post gets 5,000 likes we will give away $2,000

They received over 8,000 likes and over 400 shares. Let’s see where the money goes. I am excited for them

And now they have this.

Who wants $2,000!!!!!!!!

No joke, no gimmicks, we are just wanting to have fun and be positive in a world of chaos. So here’s the deal, all you need to do is guess 6 numbers 1-6, Sunday and 5pm eastern I will roll 6 dice, if you pick the winning numbers we will give $2,000! We have done this 3 times before and it’s always fun. Now to qualify you MUST share this post so others can also play, you must comment on this post before 4pm eastern time Sunday. That’s it. Simple. The guess should look like this example. ( 2-1-5-1-6-1). If multiple people win they will split the $2,000. The numbers MUST be in order, even if you get 6 numbers correct if they are not in the order you don’t win. If you do win, we will check the page to see if you, in fact, shared the post if you didn’t you are disqualified. If you cheat (editing your numbers) we will tar and feather you publicly so play fair and good luck!!! What are the numbers gonna be?? Guess and share now! Go!

Ok, let’s be honest. Is it a little “gimmicky” Does it cause others to come to their site? My answers would be “yes” and “yes, I hope so”! I guess my response, is a band (Or anyone) who helps others is high on my radar screen. And when we get behind those helping others and paying it forward, we are changing lives, possibly neighborhoods and communities. That will never be a bad thing in my world.

As we have begun the motions of setting up our own nonprofit, PN4UINC, our heart is to help others. Whether it be our PINK program, our Bear program or our upcoming educational piece

It is time we supported those doing good things. I think Recycled Percussion is worth supporting for the work they do.

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