In The Kitchen After Hours With Luca Paris – Filetto di Pomodoro & Shrimp with Peas & Bacon Cream Sauce

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Luca is at it again. Never one to sit still, now he is bringing his expert cooking and energy to you, in this time of uncertainty. It is fun, informative and well, more fun. (You can find a lot of his videos right here.)

Each Monday night at 9AM, if you aren’t sleeping tune into Facebook live at Chef Luca Paris.

Here, Luca is sharing two great recipes in this video. (And yes, the opening music is on for more than a second or two.) Filetto di Pomodoro & Shrimp with Peas & Bacon Cream Sauce. Open it up for some fun.

I hope you enjoyed that. Luca is a great friend and I recently wrote about him because of the great things he is doing. I am sure you are going to see more great dishes come out of the kitchen, but don’t be surprised if something else even more wonderful happens.

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