Life Changes – Can I Hold On?

In 2001, my life changed dramatically. It began well enough. My first grandchild was born in February. But just a few short months later my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my spiritual father was on his way out. My summer was spent driving back and forth to see my mother in Indiana. Lots of things felt as though they were on fire.

By the end of 2001, my mom and step-mother had passed away, my spiritual dad was gone, 9/11 had occurred and my youngest son lay in a coma, the result of an accident. (You can read my thinking in the book I wrote, The Interrupted Process.)

Did I handle it well? Not at all! Life was tough. Not long after that, my wife checked out of life on so many levels, while our son lay in a hospital. So, in so many areas of my life, I was alone. Some days angry, some days pained, some days unaware.{{more}}

I turned to the news cycle of the day. I voraciously read web site after website. What I found was I got worse. I started to no longer see the bright side of anything. Was it healthy? Not at all. Did I know what was happening? Not really. I was inundated by CNN, Fox, HuffPost, NYT, Drudge and hundreds of more.

In the middle of this season, I was on the air, managing a radio station group and working in print. More news! Every 15 minutes!

Positive News For You is my recent answer to the negativity that pours out into lives when one allows it. Radio is invasive. Websites appear on Facebook newsfeeds and Facebook alone keeps you on top of all the “stuff” that is happening. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I know there is a need to “know” what is going on to predicate decisions upon. It is nice to know the weather to plan a weekend, but who needs hours of disasters? Disasters happen.

I hope you will consider getting behind what we do here because I think we do it well. I don’t see it as an extra, but in fact, part of a Lifestyle that changes families, friends, and communities. Fear mongering and incessant rants, do not create an atmosphere that is healthy for anyone.

An environment that encourages people to hold on to the good. People doing good things for others. (Did you read the story of the restaurant that has a special, pay what you can?) If 1 business can start the ball rolling, what about 5, 10, or more?

Catherine the Great said, “Praise loudly. Blame softly.” I think there is a value to that, that is important. In our company, our promoting the good things overtakes the negativity that is out there.

In that place, I can hold on.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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