Machina Kitchen Art and Bar, A Restaurant Review By Erik Willis

For dinner I went to the opening night of Machina Kitchen Art and Bar on 9 Court Street in Keene, NH. The hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 5-9 pm and Friday and Saturday 5-10 pm. My good friend Jordan Scott is the chef there and I wanted to be there to support him and obviously to eat some very good food!

The decor is fantastic and the music is very catchy.

I was very impressed that I could get a mocktail that is very healthy for me! Arts Cure All consisted of Orange, Turmeric, Ginger and Mint. Very refreshing and I felt great after drinking it. {{more}}

I was treated to a very nice Amuse Bouche(which I was so excited to try that I neglected to get a picture!)

In any case onto the appetizer and the main entree! For my appetizer I had a hummus plate with beets ricotta poppy and flatbread.

For dinner I had Duck Cassoulet which consisted of Confit White Beans Sausage and Gremolata.

For dessert I had Affogato which is Expresso Gelato and Vanilla along with a nice coffee.

I have so many good words to say and it is all honest feedback too. Great atmosphere, great food and great service! One last note if I may. The dining room has a California feel and the bar has more of a New York feel! So cool!

Service: Excellent

Price: Good

Food: Amazing!

Overall analysis and recommendation: The best way I can describe it is that it has the feel of the perfect place to bring a significant other who you are more than just friends with! I predict that it will become a destination for folks near and far!


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