Music Fests, Art Shows, And Why We Go

Downtown Music Festival
Downtown Music Festival

This Labor Day weekend, we have the Keene Music Festival and Art In The Park (Brought about by the Monadnock Area Artists Association.)  This is where my wife, grandson, and I headed to today.  

Earlier today, Jacob headed down to the Music Festival to check out some of the earlier shows.  People often ask, “why go to a music festival?” 

Let’s talk about that. 

People attend music festivals for a variety of reasons, as these events offer a unique and multi-faceted experience. Here are some of the most common reasons why people go to music festivals:  

Live Music: Music festivals provide the opportunity to see multiple artists and bands perform live in one place over the course of several days. This concentrated live music experience can be thrilling and allows attendees to see their favorite artists and discover new ones. (It was live music here in six locations all over town. Over 50 bands and performers.) 

Diverse Lineup: Festivals often feature a diverse lineup with a wide range of musical genres and styles. This diversity appeals to a broad audience, accommodating various musical tastes.  

Community and Socializing: Music festivals create a sense of community and camaraderie among attendees who share a passion for music. It’s a chance to connect with friends and make new ones while enjoying a shared musical experience.  

Escape and Adventure: Festivals are often held in scenic or unique locations, allowing attendees to escape from their everyday lives and immerse themselves in a different environment. The adventure of camping, exploring new places, and embracing a festival’s culture can be a big draw.  

Visual and Sensory Experiences: Music festivals often incorporate visual and sensory elements, such as light shows, art installations, and interactive experiences, making them a feast for the senses.  

Celebration and Party Atmosphere: Festivals have a celebratory atmosphere with dancing, food, and drinks. Many attendees come to party and celebrate life through music and socializing.  

Nonprofit at the art show

Nonprofit at the art show

Discovering New Music: Festivals are an excellent platform for discovering emerging artists and bands. Attendees may stumble upon a lesser-known act and become a fan.  

Memorable Experiences: Festivals are known for creating lasting memories and stories to share. They offer a break from routine and the chance to experience something out of the ordinary.  

Artistic Expression: Some festivals embrace various forms of artistic expression beyond music, including visual arts, performance art, and workshops. This can provide a well-rounded cultural experience.  

Supporting Artists: Music festivals often support both established and up-and-coming artists. Attendees can feel like they’re contributing to the music industry by buying tickets and merchandise.  

Escapism and Self-Expression: Festivals offer a safe and accepting environment for self-expression. Attendees often dress in unique or eccentric ways and can fully embrace their individuality.  

Environmental Awareness and Activism: Many festivals are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and promote sustainability and activism. Attendees can engage with eco-friendly initiatives and social causes.  

Nostalgia and Tradition: For some, attending the same music festival year after year becomes a cherished tradition and a way to relive past experiences.  

People go to music festivals for a mix of reasons, ranging from a love of live music and the desire to connect with others who share their passion to seeking adventure, cultural experiences, and a sense of celebration. Music festivals offer a diverse and immersive experience that goes beyond just listening to music, making them popular events for people of all ages and backgrounds.  

While Jacob and I walked around, I thought about the question of what does someone do at a music festival. So, let’s talk about it. 

At a music festival, there are various activities and experiences you can engage in to make the most of your time and enjoy the event to the fullest. Here are some common things people do at music festivals:  

Music on the Square

Music on the Square

Watch Live Performances: The primary reason for attending a music festival is to watch live performances by your favorite artists and discover new ones. Plan your schedule to catch the acts you’re most excited about.  

Dance and Groove: Many festivals have dedicated dance areas or stages where you can dance to electronic, techno, or other dance-oriented genres. Dancing is a major part of the festival experience for many attendees.  

Explore Different Stages: Festivals often have multiple stages with performances happening simultaneously. Explore different stages to discover a variety of musical genres and artists.  

Keene Music Festival 2023 band

Keene Music Festival 2023 band

Meet and Socialize: Music festivals are social events, so take the opportunity to meet new people, socialize with friends, and make connections with fellow music enthusiasts.  

Enjoy Food and Beverages: Festivals usually feature a wide range of food vendors offering diverse culinary options. Try out different foods and beverages to fuel your energy for the day.  

Shop for Merchandise: Many festivals have merchandise tents or stalls where you can buy artist merchandise, festival memorabilia, and unique crafts from local artisans.  

Engage in Art and Activities: Some festivals incorporate art installations, interactive exhibits, and workshops. Participate in these creative activities to enhance your festival experience.  

Relax and Chill: Most festivals offer areas where you can relax, sit down, and take a break from the crowds. Bring a blanket or find a comfy spot to unwind.  

Keene Music Festival 2023 band

Keene Music Festival 2023 band

Camp and Enjoy the Camping Experience: If the festival includes camping, embrace the camping lifestyle. Set up your campsite, gather around a campfire, and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow campers.  

Participate in Theme Nights or Costume Themes: Some festivals have theme nights or encourage attendees to dress up in costumes. Embrace the theme and get creative with your outfits.  

Stay Informed: Keep track of the festival schedule, including set times, artist appearances, and any special events or workshops happening throughout the day.  

Practice Safety and Hygiene: Stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and take care of your health and well-being. Music festivals can be physically demanding, so make sure to prioritize self-care.  

Keene Music Festival 2023 band

Keene Music Festival 2023 band

Capture Memories: Take photos and videos to capture memories of your festival experience. Many attendees enjoy documenting their time at festivals to relive the moments later.  

Respect the Environment: Many festivals have environmental initiatives, such as waste recycling and eco-friendly practices. Be mindful of your environmental impact and support these efforts.  

Express Yourself: Music festivals often encourage self-expression. Wear clothing and accessories that reflect your personality and style.  

Remember that the festival experience can vary widely depending on the festival’s size, location, and lineup. It’s essential to plan ahead, stay safe, and be open to new experiences to fully enjoy your time at a music festival. 

Jacob and I went to each of the six venues watching the early shows, set ups and some great music. 

We came home to take care of some pre-vacation business. (Yep, we are headed to Lake George in a few days.) Lunch, a nap, and then off to Art In The Park 

Keene Music Festival 2023 on the Square

Keene Music Festival 2023 on the Square

The big question is, why go to an art show in the first place. 

There are several reasons why people go to art shows: 

Appreciation of Art: Art shows provide an opportunity for people to appreciate and admire artworks in person. It allows individuals to experience the visual, emotional, and intellectual impact of art that can be quite different from viewing it in books or online. 

Cultural Enrichment: Art shows often feature a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. Attending these shows can be a way to enrich one’s cultural knowledge and exposure to different artistic styles, movements, and perspectives. 

Support for Artists: Attending art shows can be a way to support local or emerging artists. Purchasing artwork at these events can directly contribute to an artist’s livelihood, helping them continue their creative endeavors. (Even if you only buy a postcard of the artist’s art, your support is encouragement.) 

Networking: Art shows can be excellent networking opportunities for artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, and professionals in the art world. They provide a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and potentially collaborate on future projects or initiatives. 

Keene Music Festival 2023 on the Square

Keene Music Festival 2023 on the Square

Inspiration: Art shows can be a source of inspiration for both artists and non-artists alike. Seeing the creativity and innovation on display can spark new ideas and creative thinking. 

Social Experience: Attending art shows can be a social activity. It’s an opportunity to spend time with friends or family, discuss art, and enjoy a shared cultural experience. 

Educational Value: Many art shows offer educational programs, guided tours, or artist talks that provide insights into the art and the creative process. This can enhance one’s understanding and appreciation of the works on display. 

Art in the Park 2023 invasive plants display

Art in the Park 2023 invasive plants display

Personal Reflection: Some people go to art shows for personal reflection and contemplation. Art often evokes deep emotions and thoughts, and individuals may find it a meditative or therapeutic experience. 

Collector’s Interest: For art collectors, attending art shows is essential. It allows them to view potential acquisitions in person, evaluate the quality and condition of artworks, and make informed decisions about adding pieces to their collections. 

Community Engagement: Art shows are often community events that bring people together. They can contribute to a sense of local identity and pride, fostering a sense of belonging within a community. 

Art in the Park 2023 display

Art in the Park 2023 display

In summary, attending an art show can be a fulfilling and enriching experience for a variety of reasons, from appreciating art and supporting artists to networking and personal enrichment. The motivations for attending art shows may vary from person to person, but they often involve a combination of cultural, social, and personal interests. 

What do you do at an art show? 

What you do at an art show can vary depending on your interests and goals for attending. Here are some common activities and things you can do at an art show: 

Viewing Artworks: The primary reason for attending an art show is to view and appreciate the artworks on display. Take your time to stroll through the exhibition space, examine the artworks closely, and absorb their visual and emotional impact. 

Ask Questions: If you have questions about specific artworks or the artist’s intentions, don’t hesitate to ask gallery staff or the artists themselves. Many artists are present at their exhibitions and are often willing to engage in conversations about their work. 

Art in the Park 2023 display

Art in the Park 2023 display

Attend Artist Talks: Some art shows feature artist talks or panel discussions where artists discuss their creative process, inspirations, and the themes explored in their works. Attending these talks can provide valuable insights into the art. 

Purchase Art: If you find an artwork that resonates with you and you’re interested in acquiring it, inquire about the purchasing process. Galleries often have staff who can assist with sales transactions. 

Networking: Art shows can be excellent opportunities for networking, especially if you’re involved in the art world or have a professional interest in art. You can connect with artists, gallery owners, collectors, and fellow art enthusiasts. 

Downtown Music Festival

Downtown Music Festival

Attend Opening Receptions: Many art shows kick off with opening receptions, which are social gatherings with refreshments where attendees can mingle, meet the artists, and celebrate the exhibition’s launch. 

Take Photographs (if allowed): Some art shows permit photography for personal use. If you want to document your visit or share your experience on social media, check if photography is allowed and be respectful of any rules or restrictions. 

Educational Programs: If the art show offers educational programs, such as workshops, demonstrations, or guided tours, consider participating to deepen your understanding of the art and the artistic process. 

Missing duck Art in the Park 2023

Missing duck Art in the Park 2023

Enjoy Live Performances: Some art shows incorporate live performances, such as music, dance, or poetry readings, that complement the visual art and create a multisensory experience. 

Support Artists: Even if you don’t plan to make a purchase, you can support artists by spreading the word about their work, providing feedback, or simply expressing your appreciation for their creativity. 

Reflect and Contemplate: Art shows can be introspective experiences. Take time to reflect on how the artworks make you feel, what they mean to you personally, and any connections you make with them. 

Lee walking around Art in the Park 2023

Lee walking around Art in the Park 2023

Socialize: If you attend with friends or meet other attendees who share your interest in art, take the opportunity to socialize and discuss the artworks and your impressions. 

Remember that everyone’s experience at an art show can be unique. Whether you’re a seasoned art aficionado or a first-time visitor, the key is to engage with the art in a way that resonates with you and enhances your understanding and appreciation of the creative expressions on display. 

How was my day? Totally awesome! 

And yours can be, too! Support your favorite artists and musicians. 

I look forward to the next few weeks of fun, family, food and drink. 

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