My Piece Of The Puzzle – Where Do I Fit?

Too often, we do not know where we fit. We are not even sure if we are supposed to fit.

Being the head of Positive News For You is sometimes daunting. Right now, there is just me. The occasional writer comes along, but it is currently, me, myself and I. I am not complaining. I am comfortable for the most part about what we do and what we are accomplishing. But, honestly, last week was a little…discouraging. A lot of things went “wrong” for me. Nothing major. But lots of little things. “Death by a thousand cuts” came to mind. I lost sleep, some things broke, some things were not communicated properly to me and that created more work.

There were some “bright lights”. Though, sometimes when things are happening, it is hard to “remember”. But, in the midst of my stuff, I saw grandkids, people came together and I will look back at this as one of those times of growth. One of the things that occurred this week, was I was able to spend some time with people. People who are important to me. And while I listened I heard a theme. It was along this line… “what can I do?” Sometimes it was in reference to the news of the nation, or a situation that was occurring. It was not a “hopeless” question but was really looking at what, if anything, could be done in the things that were happening.

These were my thoughts.

I take time to think about where I am, what I am doing and what I “think” I can do. I am prone to taking on more than I probably need. My family is often my “checks and balance” factor. I am 62, married, have five children and 8 grandchildren and I see them regularly. They take time! It is worth it. BUT, when I am “alone” in my thinking, I can start lots of things. Right now, I own a few businesses, started a church fellowship, a nonprofit (PN4U, INC) and they take time. I am really good at balancing my time, planning for spontaneity and enjoying life. But, I am also thankful for family and friends who speak into my life.

So, I take the time to think through what I want to change. I can’t change the President, Congress, the Senate or California. That means they get a cursory glance and no more. WHAT CAN I CHANGE? I can change me. I can change my thinking, my process, and my direction. I take time to meditate (On good things.) and pray. I don’t allow myself to get sucked up in the mire. I work hard to take in “good things” and that often means I don’t talk a lot about what isn’t working or focus on what is not happening.

Learn to be helpful. Bless others. What can I do with that $5 bill that will change someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be a hundred dollars. The other day a quarter changed a woman’s outlook. She did not know that the grocery carts required a deposit of 25¢. I gave her mine. She never said “thank you” or smiled, but I knew it helped. (Did you know your brain wants to help when it sees someone to help? The “motors” warm up.)

Many years ago a young boy, born with HIV became an advocate for children with HIV. (He died at 12.)

I read this and thought, this is how the piece fits. Do all you can, with what you have, in the time you have, in the place where you are.

A little help is important. (I was the guy a while ago, who did not know the carts cost a quarter. Someone helped me out.)

Many of us have read this story.

Two women are walking along a beach after a storm swept countless starfish up onto the sand, now dying in the sun. As they talk, one reaches down every few paces to pick up a starfish and flick it back into the sea. After a while, her friend points at the miles of beach and bursts out, “Why do you bother?! You’re not making any difference!” Her friend replies, “It makes a big difference to the ones I touch.”

Who is it you can help? What is your role, your piece?

I can’t touch the President or a member of the Senate or Congress (Today, perhaps…) but I can change my family and my neighborhood. And maybe that young person who I help will be the next President…or the next founder of a cure…or the inventor or free electricity.

Positive News For You, in itself does not have the power to change anything. But, if it is the seed that I believe it to be, it will change everything.

Do you want to know more about what we are doing? Questions? Need help getting started? Want to join some of the things we are doing?

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