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Alternative-rock recording artist Frank Palangi is making a statement in the indie rock scene. As Brian Craddock of Daughtry says, “Frank is an amazing young artist with a very clear and focused direction… Frank knows who he is! A killer singer and guitar player, Frank Palangi is an artist to watch out for!”

Even now, with an impressive musical resume, Frank’s raw, gritty vocals, motivating lyrics and pure determination is already making waves in 2019. So how does he do it? We took a little peek into his creative side, insight into the indie music scene through his eyes, and how he grows his fanbase at such a rapid pace in this brief interview for Positive News. {{more}}

1. What kind of music do you make? Who do you feel you would appeal to/ sound like?

Mostly rock, hard rock that is more positive. Fans of Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Metallica, Sixx Am, Godsmack, Creed.

2. How many albums or singles do you have out?

I have 3 main EP’s out (Frank Palangi EP, I Am Ready EP, Set Me Free EP) and some side singles including ‘Hope’ and soundtrack scores including the ‘Halloween Theme’.

3. What is your newest music? What is the theme?

My latest 2 singles are ‘Break These Chains’ and ‘Set Me Free’. They are themed to say stand up for yourself, break out of the norm and take a risk.

4. Did you collaborate with anyone on this one?

Yes, I teamed up the with guitarist from the band Daughtry, Brian Craddock. Amazing experience, great guy and he helped me a lot.

5. Who have you collaborated with in the past?

I’ve worked with producer Rogers Masson, Rob Coates, Robert Venable and members from the band Pillar- Lester Estelle (now with Kelly Clarkson) and Noah Henson (now with Brantley Gilbert). Also former Saving Abel drummer Michael McManus, and rock band Day of Fire with Full Devil Jacket singer Josh Brown.

6. What is the biggest challenge of working in music in 2019? What is the biggest blessing?

I think the fact that everything is so fast paced and people want it right now with the lack of build up to get them pumped about something like it used to be. Everything is digital now, though I noticed people still want CD’s for that autographed copy. Everyone that has a laptop in music has some kind of recording program now but it doesn’t mean it’s studio quality, either.

However, it’s a blessing that I can contact people and venues, and keep in touch with fans online more than ever because we are so digital. Recording digitally, mixing with old school gear or styles, I find is a nice mix of things, too.

7. What are your goals for this year?

Land a tour, get some songs licensed for tv, film, etc. Finish my upcoming 4th EP and shop it.

8. What are a couple misconceptions people have about the music industry that you would like to straighten out?

That we all make a lot of money. If you see a band going around touring with a bigger national act you think “hey, they must have made it and they are doing great”. That’s the point where bands need fans the most and most likely are broke with every penny because of buying merch, equipment and “buy ons” or the budgets it takes to be on a tour. Also we don’t get paid much at all for streams. Downloading the songs and supporting artists that way is still the best way to support your favorite acts.

9. Do you feel it is better to be indie or to be signed?

Sort of in the middle. Working with a manager, booking agent, PR rep, you could do all that on your own (unsigned) and do well, but it would all depend on the deal and distribution a label would offer, too.

10. What is your process for releasing music, starting with inspiration for a song and ending with a video for it?

It’s timing consuming for sure! Could take months to develop a set of solid tunes and finish them up, to a year for the video to be made and released, and then the single or EP or album comes out. It depends a lot on what you are busy with as far as gigs, recording and other jobs, and who you are working with.

11. You have a great fan base… how do you keep it growing and keep everyone up to date?

Social media updates – one on one messaging, and my mailing list (which you can join at bottom of my website page).

12. What is the coolest venue you have played?

The Egg in Albany NY! 🙂 I loved it – was an acoustic show opening for 3 Doors Down. Very intimate setting and one on one feeling with the people in the crowd. Great backstage area and good acoustics.

13. Where can people find your music?

You can stream and download any of my songs on Pandora – Spotify – iTunes – Amazon and more!

Look forward to a brand new EP sometime in 2019! 🙂



LA Music Awards Nominee – Unsigned Only Finalist – Akademia Music Awards Winner – Best Male Artist Online Radio WigWam UK – Metroland Mag/ Post Star Newspaper Winner (Best Acoustic Solo) Upstate NY region

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