One-Sided News and You

I have always been a news junkie. From a young age, I devoured news. Print, television, and radio. The advent of the internet and my first internet sites (1996) all were facts and business information.

In the past, I have published newspapers. These papers have ranged from local, regional and national news to “shopper” style papers. I loved hard-hitting but cannot tell you it made people happier.

I drove to Indiana the day of 9/11. I was outside New York City as the towers fell. I was headed to convene with my siblings at my mother’s home as she was in the last stages of cancer. During the week of 9/11 I spent my time watching the towers fall a “thousand times”. All, while in a room next to us, my mother was dying. (She passed on 9/17.)

I watched news all the time One day I realized I wasn’t feeling any better for all the information I was digesting. I made some changes. I avoided more and more the “sliming” that came out of TV and radio.

My last paper became a “good news” or a “feel good” paper. Yes, we printed obituaries and dealt with floods and fires, but I determined we would find the good side of life. (I knew enough people would chase the darkness that was there.) Yet, we focused on the people in the communities we served and I would like to hope we added value to them.

Last night, I read an article that said a “positive news site” isn’t real news nor should it be portrayed as such. That to truly be one had to give the bad as well as the good. (They called is striking a balance.)

I thought about that. Am I misleading you by publishing positive news only? Do I think this is wrong?

No, I don’t. I think it is okay to focus on the good. The positive. The fun. I think the world by its very nature has the potential to provide a sharp balance to the positive. Those that need “real news” will get it. And I think that is okay. (I read the news daily. I give myself roughly an hour to see what is going on in the world. And then I begin to think, what can I change.)

The author of the article calling for “balance” thought that without negative, we would not grow. Without talking about it changes would never be made.

I have learned from my negative experiences and drawn the conclusion that being positive is better for me, for my family and for my friends.

I will not change that.


I am curious. What are your thoughts?

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