Our New Logo And Why I Am Excited

Our new logo is completed and I am pretty excited. After what feels like months of getting there, it is complete. (The reality of it is, it has been about 3 weeks and I am just impatient!)

When I started Positive News For You, there was no real plan. I just knew I could not take the negative news that was out there and needed a change. And while I appreciate it these images, I couldn’t just look at “kittens and puppies” on a daily basis. I registered a site and began the process. The first day I was able to find 3 positive news stories. 2 days ago, I published 50 positive news stories! (It took me over 4 hours to get those done.)

Each day I find the best positive news stories of the day and post the links as well as created stories. I do think our stories will not be as big as what the push to see positive things happen in our communities. I have a lot of dreams here.

Our logo tells our story. Who we are, who we want to reach and where we are going. (Kyle at Beeze Tees Screen Printing was so helpful in getting the logo the way I needed. The graphics people there did a great job. And Kyle made sure I had not only the logo but the samples and looks I was wanting to find. If you ever need something, reach out to Kyle and tell him we sent you!) I am excited where this ended up. (Check out the merchandise.)

But you know who really stepped up to the plate? You! So many people voted for the look and style. Our survey was slammed! You rocked!

So here were are. A logo for the coming days. One that tells our story.

Now, we need a tagline or slogan. I am looking for your help. A contest.


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