Out And About by Erik Willis

Horse in the meadow
Horse in the meadow

Foodie Erik Willis gets out and about to grab some food, better his health, and make it a day.

Today, I had the privilege of having breakfast with a great friend at Barn and Thistle. It is located at 784 Route 63 in Westmoreland. We both had the breakfast sandwich and a very good cup of coffee. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the seating is a bit limited but if you went in on a whim you wouldn’t have trouble grabbing a table. The breakfast sandwich consisted of egg, applewood smoked bacon, and Vermont cheddar as well as a fresh tomato slice and a bit of spinach. The veggies added a lot of flavors and rounded out the sandwich nicely. The coffee was all self-serve which was nice because I hadn’t had any yet. The service was great and also very timely.
Barn and Thistle is open 6 am-5:30 pm, Wednesday through Saturday. My time there was well spent. However, the ride there was also a very enjoyable part of today’s adventure.

From there, I went to a friend’s house tucked away in the hilly back roads of Westmoreland. I took a walk and happened across some lovely streams and even a horse. That was all quite invigorating and got me ready for the next part of the day.

A mountain brook
A mountain brook

I had scheduled an acupuncture appointment at Cornerstone Chiropractic at 19 Grove Street in Keene. Brooks Seaman is very professional and, all in all, just a stand-up guy in our community. I highly recommend him for acupuncture or chiropractic needs, and he also has a licensed massage therapist that can help you as well.

After a very relaxing hour on the table, I traveled over to Mama Mcdonoughs Irish Pub to meet some friends for lunch. It is located on Airport Road in Keene. I went with the Cobb salad, which I had heard great things about. Suffice it to say that it did not disappoint. We enjoyed watching a few planes come in and take off as well as a helicopter. Along with a fair amount of light conversation, that made for a very enjoyable early afternoon. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and open for an awesome brunch on Sunday from 8 am-1 pm.

Mama McDonoughs
Mama McDonoughs

Walking it off!

The last part of my journey was exploring the trail system just down the road in Edgewood Park Forest. If and when you venture out that way, the parking lot is on the right and can be identified by a picnic table. The trails here are quite nice. And you can even venture out far enough to completely be surrounded by nature with no civilization nearby. This was a very peaceful way to end today’s adventure. It will be interesting to see what adventure I go on next!

Thanks, Erik for your return. We are greatly appreciative of your work and your love for the food world. We look forward to more of your visits to area fooderies. And let Erik know if you have a fave you would like to see him at.

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April 16, 2022 at 8:31 am

Hi Erik,
What a delightful read! I actually will try to put on together here in Connecticut. Sure do wish I could have been on that walk that you took!
Hoping for more of these “write ups” ~~ Blessings, Nita

April 16, 2022 at 8:34 am

Oh dear, that should have read “one” rather than “on” nevertheless, I
still will try to put ONE together! The whole read was delightful, thanks
again, and blessings, Nita

    April 16, 2022 at 11:06 am

    thank you so much!

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