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My husband Ryan and I have been together for almost a decade now. We like to make jokes with our friends, that the key to the success of our relationship is that we hardly ever see each other. He and I both work in the hospitality industry. This can make for long nights and strange hours. Often times we are two ships passing in the night. It is a rare occasion if we have a day off together. Most of the time if we have a day off together it is a planned vacation day. When we do have time together be it before or after work we try to do something special with one another.

“You have to make time for the things you love.” -Unknown

This past week has been quite an eventful week for him and I. After not seeing much of each other lately we had started to miss one another. I had texted my husband that I had missed him. My husband sent me a reply, that when he gets out of work he wanted to take me on a date. Awe… I know he loves me. He came home around 2:00 O’Clock in the afternoon with a mini afternoon adventure planned for us.

Staying home is a concept we are not good at. On top of not seeing one another, we both had a list of errands we have been ignoring. We could have gone to our normal stomping grounds and found our way into Brattleboro, VT or Keene, NH. Instead, we found our way to Western, MA. We have always been a little odd in that way. Back in the day we would get out of work late and drive an hour or more to wherever our hearts were content until we arrived at some cool new place. One example, I didn’t get out of work till 11:00 pm, and I picked Ryan up. We drove from our home in Keene, NH the two hours to Boston, MA to go to South Street Diner. Yep, we are those crazy kids. A last-minute adventure to Western, MA from our current home in Vermont is not a big deal in our minds. We took care of our adulting needs, and then he brought me to Patrick’s Pub in Pittsfield, MA. A place neither one of us had been before. {{more}}

Pittsfield, MA is the largest city within Berkshire county. It is known for Bousquet Ski Area, Berkshire Museum, Theater, Lake Onota, and Pittsfield State Forest. My husband and I are excited to explore the Pittsfield Forest. The forest is known for the cascading streams and waterfalls. He and I love to find waterfalls. Pittsfield, MA, seems like a beautiful quiet city to explore. Their Main street reminded us of our home in Keene, NH. Lots of shops and restaurants to explore. Restaurants like Patrick’s Pub, where your foodie side can be set free.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

Established in 1985 Patrick’s Pub found their home in Pittsfield, MA. In 2008 they found new ownership. The atmosphere is casual and cozy. The new owners according to their website wanted to create a place for family and friends to gather comfortably.

Patrick’s Pub, when you’re here, you’re Irish.

When we arrived at Patrick’s Pub, the place was jamming. I knew right away this was a local hot spot. I saw people gathering for celebrations, long-time friends gathered and couples like Ryan and I reconnecting over a shared meal. When you go online to Patrick’s Pubs website it will read: “Enjoy family time and catch up with friends in a laid back environment.”

As soon as I read their slogan, I had flashbacks to all the different people I had seen gathering during my time there. They truly have created the perfect laid back environment to enjoy family time and catch up with friends.

A homemade meal is waiting for you. – Patrick’s Pub

Patrick’s Pub uses fresh ingredients and makes homemade comfort food. For two foodies such as my husband and I, we were excited to see the menu. We sat outside in front of the restaurant overlooking the beautiful common in the center of Pittsfield’s Main street. My husband was in the mood for some fried chicken. He immediately hunted the menu for some. He ordered us a basket of Beer Battered Chicken Chunks as an appetizer. When our basket of chicken arrived, we realized this place means business when it comes to food. The chicken was fresh, hand-breaded, tender, and juicy. When you pulled a piece apart you could see the steam escape into the air. The chicken was flakey and pulled apart smoothly. This was REAL fried chicken. What goes with Beer Battered Chicken Chunks?… A fresh cold craft brew. I ordered myself a glass of Wachusett Blueberry, Fruit Beer. Brewed by Wachusett Brewing Co. in Massachusetts. ABV: 4.5% IBU: 10.

This pub has a full bar menu. If you are not a big fan of beer. They have a page in their menu that is just of their specialty cocktails. They also have a good range of ciders and wines to choose from. Their beer selection was fairly wide as well. They had a great mix of craft brews and domestic brews such as your well known Guinness. The craft beers they had on tap where mostly Massachusetts brews with a few New York. This makes perfect sense as Pittsfield, MA is right along the New York border. It was great trying a beer I may not have otherwise had the chance to try had we not gone on this last-minute adventure. My beer was the perfect pair for everything we ordered. It was light and refreshing. The blueberry flavor wasn’t overpowering. Sometimes fruity beers can take control of the pallet if not paired well. This was simply put a delightful summertime treat. Our delight continued as our entrees arrived.

Laughter is brightest where food is best. – Irish Proverb

For our main course, my husband ordered the Pork Schnitzel Sandwich. The Pork Schnitzel sandwich is made with pork loin pounded thin, breaded then pan-fried. Served on a grilled brioche roll with lettuce, red onion, shaved parmesan cheese, avocado and topped with roasted garlic sriracha mayo. In other words, DELICIOUSNESS!!!

I have always been a big fan of Pork Schnitzel, I mean you really can’t go wrong with fried pork. I have never had it with avocado before. The creaminess of the avocado gave this sandwich an extra special something. The flavors complement each other well. The way they grilled their bun, Ryan and I both have never seen a more perfect grilling job. The top was still in tacked and the bottom was grilled like a perfect griddlecake. YUM… YUM…

Ryan always seems to choose the most delicious items. However… On this trip, there were no complaints about my choice of entree. I had the Baked Stuffed Cod. which was a piece of fresh flakey cod, stuffed with homemade lump crabmeat stuffing and then baked. I had mine with mashed potatoes, salad, and grilled summer squash. YUM!!!

Seafood is hit or miss with so many places, I have found this to be true, ever since moving to the only landlocked state in New England. My family is originally from the coast, I love seafood when it is done well and done right. Patrick’s Pub had quite an array of options containing seafood options. The table next to us had some sort of pasta with what looked to be quite the healthy group of shrimp on top. The cod was cooked to perfection. It had that flakey consistency you expect when you are having white fish. The homemade crab stuffing. WOW!!!

Two full tummies later, you had two extremely satisfied people. From service, beer selection, to the food. Not a single complaint from us. In Fact, my husband and I are now finding excuses to go back again. Patrick’s Pub is honestly, excuse enough.

We plan to go explore the Pittsfield Forest. When we do will

be sure to come back and visit our new friends. They tell you on their web site to expect an unforgettable meal and let me tell you all, they mean it!

We will not be forgetting this incredible experience. When you go out and seek adventure you never know what you are going to find. Sometimes it is good, other times it can be great! I hope you find yourselves making an adventure over to Patrick’s Pub in Pittsfield, MA.

Till our next adventure friends. Cheers!

Sarah E. Blair

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