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Entrepreneurs. The word entrepreneur means to undertake an enterprise. To engage in business. Sometimes taking a risk.

Now put the words, kid, child or young person in front of it and you have a whole new meaning.

Over the last few years of Positive News For You, we have run hundreds of stories about children “in business”. Many of those stories were young people wanting to help people and organizations, as well as animals. Lemonade stands, lunches for the homeless and helping fellow students are some regular topics. {{more}}

As a father (5 children) and grandfather (8 grandchildren), I have always encouraged them to follow their passions. cover

My grandson Jacob has always been one of those kids that have hung close to me. He first started “in business” with me, delivering newspapers, going to my publishing office and meeting clients. He wanted to do what I was doing.

A few years ago, he wanted to make money, so I invested money in wooden birdhouses and other wooden products. He along with his older brother and sister painted these. He sold them and made hundreds of dollars with them a few months in a row. (He told his brother, that one day he would work for him.)

JacobA few weeks ago, as part of our ongoing conversation about business, businesses I had owned or been involved in and working with, I shared about a group of jewelry stores I had in the 80s. Ambocas Jewelry. I started with home parties, moved to street vending and opened my first store in Vermont. I began on a card table and traveled each day to purchase the merchandise for the first few months. (I jokingly said, “jewelry is like legal drugs”.)

A few minutes later, he looked to me and said, “I want to do that. I want to sell jewelry”. Our conversation continued, and I agreed to see what I could do. I began doing some research. I found a former wholesaler and friend of mine on Cape Cod, another company overseas we had worked with, and yet another one I had bought from in New Mexico. I reached out to each one of them and had some pieces sent in. I had spoken to him about starting with sterling silver and maybe at some point adding some gold.

A couple of packages appeared. He sold a few pieces, but then the coronavirus hit, and things changed. Instead of meeting with people, he found himself limited to selling online. That is what he had decided after we spoke. He will ship via Priority Mail. You can mail a check or use Paypal.

He still needs to buy some tools to make things easier. He worked with me to purchase tags, black display trays and some other pieces to go forward with. I helped him set up his Facebook page and we have a video or two to do.

Jacob is very excited about what he is doing. We have been working on purchasing, presentation, profit, costs of doing business, and being benevolent. He will be donating a portion of each sale to the area humane society and part of each purchase to a local fellowship.

ringDo you know a young entrepreneur who is doing something positive in the area of business? I hope you will let me know. You can send a story or video to us as well.

Young people want to do things to change their communities, to help others and be benevolent. Let’s open the door to them to do so.

And if you buy a piece of his jewelry, we will put a special Positive News For You bonus in there.


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